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Scaley Pit Lane Game

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Hi guys , has anyone used the scalextric digital pit lane game , I was considering purchasing it but I have a question , obviously you have to make 3 pit stops but once the first person makes the 3 stops does this end the race or does it run its course , I want it to be incorporated into the race not it be the race if that makes sense , cheers brad

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Unfortunately, the pit lane game (PLG) is just that, a game...

You do not need to slow down, and there is no fuel consumption.


I do have one, and the kids love using it, but it is best used as part of a race...

i.e. 3 min race, but you must extinquish all of your pit lights or you are disqualified...


If you get it upgraded to PLG pro, it can then be used with a Race Management Software (RMS) in conjunction with the powerbase cable to bring full pit stop stratergies...


MIH in NZ is the closest to us for the modding process, and he can also supply quality pc cables for both the pit pro and the Advanced Powerbase (APB)...




Edit: Forgot to answer one of your questions... After you extinguish your lights, 'nothing' happens... Unfortunately, there is no interaction between the APB and the PLG...

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