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Hay Bale

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hay bale making.

you will need raffia ribbon

balsa or mdf {i used 8.5x75x915 balsa wood}

school glue or pva

sharp knife

cotton and needle


you need to split the raffia ribbon with the knife , easy to do in small sections


once you get a good pile cut to 2cm

next cut balsa wood to 2.5cm long by 1.3cm wide or the size you wan't


on the narrow side cover with glue and place a clump of cut raffia on the glue and push down flat

repeat for the over side and let dry for a while

once dry cut flat to the balsa wood

then glue the larger side and repear the process

when this is dry glue and stick the ends

let dry again and trim up, should be starting to look like a hay bale

then wrap cotton around, and tie off

run a few beads of glue around the sting dry again

finished ,pain full i know but there all ready to glue on the track



round bales


double sided tape around 2cm wide


cardboard strips{breaky box} 2cm x 14 cm


cut your srands of raffia around3 cm this time

stick to one side of the double tape around 20cms of tape


roll your carboard into the size circle you want the bails at ,i did under 2cm circle

peel the other side of the tape of and rap around

cut to size all the sides

glue a pile of off cuts to top and bottom

cotton around and all done



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