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Anthony G

Running In New Cars

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Garry's tutorial on running in motors - in the link above, is the best I've seen - which reminds me, time to plagurise it again as a link :)


As for general running gear, I generally examine the free running of wheels and gears before putting on track, spin a couple of quick laps to see what a car feels and sounds like, then dismantle to begin improving - be it "blueprinting", fine adjustment,. or repair/replacement of dodgy assembly and parts.


Exactly what I do in that process varies greatly from brand to brand, but I don't bother lubricating until everything else is done.


For Slot.its, Sideways, ScaleAuto and other brands with alloy wheels, pods etc which are good quality, I flatten chassis, set front wheel ride height, check gear mesh, set the pod screws, glue and true tyres, and all the basic stuff, but for "plastic track brands" and general plastic wheeled cars like Fly, Ninco, Revell, yoou have to think a lot more laterally about what to do.

- What you CAN do may also be limited by club rules if applicable.

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