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Scaleauto Pagani Zonda Gr

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An extract from the full review on ManicSlots...


This is only the second Zonda race livery (the first is the 'Rock Media Motors' green livery) to be released by Scaleauto and from what I've been informed, it may be the last. You heard correct, this is likely to be the last Zonda released by Scaleauto so get in quick if you're as big a fan of this motorcar as I am.


From a straight comparison perspective, Scaleauto slots are a little more expensive than your average slot release, say a Scalextric, Flyslot, Slot.it, SRC or a standard Ninco but they are cheaper than Black Arrow, NSR or Le Mans Miniatures. Scaleauto are more comparable with a 'Lightening' Ninco, MR Slotcar or Cartrix and when compared with these manufactures, Scaleauto represents fair value for your slotting dollar.




Decal lettering is of a high standard and when compared to the 1:1 race car, very accurate. Drivers names are displayed on the roof and are so small that I can hardly read them. The orange 'Bouygues Telecom' art work looks accurate and impressive against the dark blue colour of the 'Force One Racing' livery.


The curves and lines of the front end of the Zonda look accurate enough, there are a few differences with the actual 1:1 motorcar. The Scaleauto model has some lower fog lights which aren't present on the race car and has a different indicator configuration and the window wiper is in the wrong position. I'm impressed with the Pagani logo which is not just a decal and can be seen at the top centre of the bonnet.




Another small thing you may have noticed in the above photo is that the Scaleauto slot has 6 spoke wheels unlike the 1:1 motorcar which has 5. A small thing in my opinion but I know there are some purists out there that will be interested. You will also notice the missing took hooks from the front and rear of the slot although on the actual motorcar they are very small.




The front axle is height adjustable via 4 small grub screws, 2 are accessible from underneath the chassis and 2 from inside. These grub screws do not come installed but are included with the slot. The front wheels sit nicely on the track and as the grub screws are not installed, there is plenty of vertical play in the front axle. One thing I always check for straight away is clearance between front/rear rubber and the body/chassis of the slot.




In this case I was concerned by the front wheels and upon running the slot for an initial track test, my concerns were founded. The front wheels are push-on plastic rims and the front axel is slightly too long resulting in the front rubber rubbing on the inside of the wheel arches. This seriously impedes the slot preventing it from running smoothly through corners - the rubbing acts as a break...


Read the full review and see 35+ more photos at ManicSlots.



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Is it possible for you to give me some details on just the body (looking to put on metal chassis)


Weight with driver

wheel base at centre of wheel arches

width front and back at wheel arches


And possibly a photo of the underside of the body?

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steve38, my track is the 1/24 Carrera stuff and comes with some great vertical relief pre shaped pieces. To get the real vertical relief I used the banked corners as standard corning, creates a great drop or incline on your track and because it's 1/24 scale, it's not a problem for even the lowest of slot cars.


jasonk1970 - suggest you buy one for sure, can't help you with weight but will check dimensions. Till then you can find a high-res photo of the underside of the Zonda in the full review on ManicSlots.

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