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Black Arrow Aston Martin 'Gulf' Dbr9

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An extract from the full review on ManicSlots...


As members of this dynamic hobby we are presently spoilt for choice with exciting new manufactures joining the hobby every year, MR Slotcar, FlySlot/SlotWings, SRC and of course Black Arrow. This is the second Aston Martin DBR9 to be released by Black Arrow and given it's the 2008 Le Mans winning car in the always striking Gulf livery, it looks fantastic!


When you get this car, the first thing you will notice is the very impressive packaging. Black Arrow have clearly gone to a lot of effort in developing their own bespoke slot car packaging. As you can see from the below photos, packaging consists of a sturdy hardened cardboard base and Black Arrow branded lid which is easily removed.




The lid is sealed in place with 2 Black Arrow quality control 'official product' stickers. Once you break the sticker seals, the lid comes away from the box quite easily to reveal the DBR9, (the below photo shows the display base of the box siting on top of the lid for presentation). Printing on the packaging is clear and the official product stickers are a nice touch.


The finish levels on the DBR9 are what you would expect from a slot car in this price range...very high with a paint and decal finish which is nothing short of excellent. The one thing I wasn't at first sure of was the Gulf blue paint, it looked too light (washed out even) in the promotional imagery I had seen. When compared to Scalextric's Gulf Aston, (see second photos below) it is a lighter blue but I think its right and looks great against the orange of the racing strip down the centre of the car.




Decal lettering is very clear, I'm particularly impressed by the Aston Martin 'wings' logos (front and back) which are raised off the body, not just a decal - a very nice touch. Based on comparison with the above photos of the actual DBR9 at Le Mans in 2008, the only real omissions are the driver's names from the roof of the slot and the Michellin branding on the tyres. I can live without the Michellin branding (lets face it we change the rubber anyway) but the missing driver's names is a shame.




The guide is well forward of the chassis and is approximately 7mm deep and 21mm long which works very well on my Carrera plastic track. Guide freedom of movement is very good allowing the slot to corner well. From an aesthetic perspective the guide is set at a good height and the front of the slot sits naturally and realistically on the track. The braid is soft and pretty thin as braid thickness goes.




The front axle is height adjustable via 4 (yes 4!) small grub screws. 2 are accessible from underneath (depth adjustment) the chassis and 2 from inside (maximum height adjustment). The front wheels sit nicely on the track straight from the box with approximately 5mm of vertical travel so I felt no need to adjust.


See the full review and 40 detailed photos at: http://manicslots.bl...h.RQToOc6Y.dpuf



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Very good, only 999 to go.

Cheers Grant


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i'm guessing extract rather than abstract.


It looks fabulous but much too rich for my blood. And not much point n my wee track anyway. I know of someone else that was trying to order one but gave up after a couple of months of trying.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




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