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Trouble With My Lights

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Hi all,,,having prob's ith a light set that I've installed........ have contacted the seller (Great seller & no problems) though thought I'd share to see if I can get advice..... to save typing going to copy/paste....



Hi,, I've ordered these lights previously & have only just recently wired them up (in parallel ) with 8/lights on the circuit I'm having problems with the yellow & red flashing together......

I have looked as good as I can to the back of the lights & see no problem...

I have checked my wirring several times & see no problem

at the moment I have green & red wired to a switch both as seperate closed circuits.....

the yellow circuit is connected to the harness in parallel,,,, but open...

when I remove "the" yellow wire from harness,,,the red light flashes alone as expected though the other lights still flash red & yellow

I have tried this to all individual lights and see no tell tale sign of faulty unit.

I have disconnected all & tried each individually,,,, still no tell tale sign of fault

the only thing I have noticed is....

the power supply is a variable unit set at 13v..... when I turn down to 3v the yellow stops flashing... but the Red's seem dull... am i doing it wrong...



Hello Neil, they are prewired resistors and you may use them on 12V DC or 16V DC, you may cut off the resistors and use them on 3V DC too, they may be connected in parallel, but please ensure the operation current on them must be approx. 20mA, the lights will not flash is being applied too much current, thank you



hi again,,,, thanks for your quick reply..... but still needing more help.... my supply is variable up to 20v 20 amp... I know you can buy resistors for V's but can you buy them for A's......... I always thought the light or motor will only use the Amps required & no more.......as you've stated.... "current on them must be approx. 20mA, the lights will not flash is being applied too much current..." .... Do I need to restrict the amps?


or is it...


as mentioned earlier... Red & Green (wired to a relay switch) are working fine as expected though when the Reds are flashing so are the Yellows (which are not connected to a switch as yet) are flashing also.................I'm still yet to wire up the yellow wires on their own harness to see if this will solve the problem,,,,,, otherwise,,,,, I think i might have melted the insulation of the red & yellow wires whilst hot gluing causing short........


at the end of the day their current operation is still a great feature to my track but was hoping to have the Yellow's operated by another switch..

Cheers again


Does anyone know if thee amps are the problem or maybe bad luck on my behalf

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Are you trying to get the leds to flash alternately?

If so, using flashing led's won't work properly...


I built an alternating circuit using normal led's for my son's police car...




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no these are trafic lights.... red,, yellow,, green... they're pre-maid,,


.there are 4 wires...

1st wire...Pos. has resisistor on it

2nd wire is a RED

3rd wire is yellow

4th wire is green ....


my set up so far was only intended to have the Red & Green wires working by a switch.... all wires/lights are connected chain like,,

eg...... all whites connected to power ... all greens connected to switch.... all reds connected to switch.... switch to negitive..


all yellows are also connected in same manor... but yet to be connected to negative by switch..


So I did some more fault finding with track set up and still no tell tale signs of prob/Solution


Have 2 lights in box untouched and trialed...... on their own they work as expected.......................though when joined the 2 lights together eg.. (Green with Green)....(Yellow with Yellow)....(Red with Red)... (Power with Power)..... the same trouble ocured.....

What confuses me... is why it doesn't it effect the green.... ( but no compaints)....


So what I'm thinking is.......... am I meant to place every a diode on all negative wires to stop power back tracking ( but leds only work 1 way ??? ) or do I need to regulate the amps aswell.... as written earlier when the volts are turned down to 3v ... the problem sought of stops but the reds are dull.

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Neil: I don't know what sort of lights you have brought, a pic would help or at least some more info.

But the 3 amps should be fine! I assume they are LEDs going on what the seller has mentioned.

You replied while I was typing!

Try some diodes to see if it is a feed back problem.

If they work OK when one one connected it seems like a feed back problem to me.

You may need 2 diodes for each light unit. But remember each diode drops the voltage by about 0.6 volts.

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ok....... was just playing on the track in the dark.... & was noticing how super powerful these lights were @ 13v/track power...... so bright they were turning the brown bark to green,,, the black track surface to green,,,, the white fencing........ you guessed it,,, Super green.......


so I resorted to one of the first trials...... & that was turning the power down till the "super natural occurrence" had stopped ,, 3v. & in the dark the lighting was still very noticeble & saw no sign of the prev. problem


Yep.... I'm sort of satisfied that maybe,, ( and regardless of the pre wired with resistor & advice/recomendations of power from seller) that these need to be ran at 3v & no more when operated in gang/group.


now the next Qestion......... do I have to fit a resistor to every individual light ( bringing 13v down to 3v) or can I get away with 1 resitor on the supply line which is coming from the track supply which will be left @ 13v......... otherwise I can solder a whole heap of diodes together till I get to "near enough is good enough"..


still does'nt explain why it did'nt happen with the Green...

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I like the 2 last options of controlling the supply to all the lights with 1 application (though, don't know what a Zenner diode is )....I guess my next hurdle is when I receive my next batch/order if they will have the same resistor,,operating value or troubles....... but they will be set up on the inner course anyway,,, dif. loop/harness..

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Neil: It seems the easiest option may be to just buy a voltage regulator module from Ebay they are about $8.00 and are ready to go.


Cheers for the advice,,,,, on my way to JAYCAR (Liverpool) tomorow morning to grab this,,,, its a car version with Cig./plug,,, but to easy to modify...... I'll be parting with $20.. but these guys have been the heaps helpful when it comes to my cluelessness with electrics....... thank farout that I'm only dealing with 12v...


& thanks for your advice too Kalbfelp..

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