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Route1Racing, in collaboration with Chase-Cars, is proud to announce the SureChange family of guides designed for Scalextric Sport Digital SSD.




The SureChange guides place the LED on the front of the guide, in a dedicated retaining ring, so it is always in line with the track sensors. As long as you stay in the slot you will never miss a lane change again. SureChange guides also eliminates lap counting and pit registration errors if cars are off line across the start/finish line or pit lane sensors.


There are three models in the range:


The SureChange SPORT guide is designed as a direct replacement for the screw-in version of the current Scalextric easy change guide. It can also be fitted as a replacement for the push-fit version with minor modifications to the guide mount.


The SureChange SPORT guide can be fitted to any Scalextric DPR and modern non-DPR cars using any SSD chip. If the DPR chip is used there are instructions on the website how to move the LED to a fly lead so it can be fitted to the guide. Pioneer DPR cars should use the SureChange RACING version


The SureChange RACING guide is designed as a direct replacement for Slot.It, NSR and Pioneer slot cars. It can be fitted to many other makes that require a thin guide deck. The stem is extra long and can be easily trimmed to suit your car.


The original SureChange guide has been renamed Surechange CLASSIC. This guide has horizontal eyelet holders which offers two ways to route guide wires. This guide has been successfully fitted to many classic Scalextric cars as well as modern Ninco (it is a good replacement for Ninco sprung guides) and even some Fly Trucks! The CLASSIC guide was designed to be as versatile as possible but it may nee trimming to fit. The guides are all produced using a 3D printing process using sintered nylon. This makes the guides strong, resistant to abrasion but easy to trim with a sharp craft knife and suitable care.


SureChange guides are designed in the UK, made in the EU and sold across the world.


SureChange allows total freedom with track design – allowing lane changers to be placed anywhere, even after a tight hairpin. SureChange works with or without traction magnets.


The SureChange guides are available right now from www.route1racing.com and will shortly be available from chase-cars.com


The SureChange RACING guides will be available from 15th September 2013 - orders placed before then will reserve stock for dispatch on the 15th.


You can also order spare IR LEDs, braids and ferrite men if you need extras.


If you are not sure which guide will be suitable for your car - contact Richard through the Route1Racing website and he will be very pleased to help you.


Worried about shipping costs to Australia or New Zealand? If your order comes in below 100g (roughly 35 guides including the box they are shipped in – then costs to post are the same as posting domestically within the UK (crazy but true) so just order and pay on the website. If your order goes over 100g then get in touch and we will let you know the postage costs before you decide whether to buy.








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