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Mr Modifier

The Ice Maiden - A Frozen Lake Somewhere In Wales

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Here's a quick run through my little, very portable analogue rally track.


I had an old 6 foot long chipboard trestle table sitting in my garage doing nothing. So I decided, as it fits in the back of my car, I would turn it into a rally track for use at home and as a stage in our club rally nights.


So I drew up plans in Corel Draw, printed them up onto multiple pages 1:1 size (including the radius centres) and taped them to the table.


Like so...



Used a small hole punch to tap through the pattern and mark the radius centres for the router...



Called up some slave labour (one day, if you help me, this could all be yours my son)...



Routed it, painted it, sanded it, painted it again - matt white emulsion like snow settled on a frozen lake.



Installed power, 3 pin controller socket wired for brakes, and timing gear



Some jiggery-pokery underneath - you are looking at power taps and the RCA connectors are so I can reverse the track running direction.


The light switch is .... a light switch.



Hang on - power taps AND something else feeding up underneath the track !?!



So here we are - local kids testing the track. The actual tracks where the cars travel are painted with silk varnish to look like the snow had been compacted into ice by the passing of cars - it also makes it hellish slippery. The yellow and blue straws are track markers to help the drivers and there is off-white filler added in various places to look like snow thrown up and dumped in drifts by the cars.



Oh yes - remember the light switch? Why stop when it gets dark? Why not light up the track markers with a mixture of steady and flashing SuperBright LEDs.





Some of the turns are really tight - negotiable but if you go too slow you stall in them and too fast you come out - so it takes concentration to get it right. It is also one of those tracks that feels very different driving in the opposite direction - by luck rather than design but I'll take that.


I have a video of it somewhere and when I figure out how to post video I will shove it up for you :D

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Good work, looks great & those straws are really effective.


I picked up one of those Timing towers but not put it into use yet on my test track. Are you finding it reliable ?



They are only toys .... until you pull the trigger.

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Thanks guys,


The timing tower has proven reliable - the only drawback is it is designed to time a single lap. However I found a "cheat". If you start the car just in front of the timing tower and go on the start signal it starts timing, you go a full lap which then triggers the sensor to say you have crossed the line, you do a second lap and then the sensor stops the clock. Still for a timing gate that cost less than AUD5 (yes five) brand new in a bargain store it does a good job.


Here's how I installed the gate...



I took the wire linking the two sides out then cut the bases from the tower and sensor post from the ramp that connected them (it is a gate designed as a standalone unit for RC cars to drive over at the start and finish of a lap).


I then marked their positions on the baseboard - I was able to bring them closer thus bringing enough slack to the connecting wire to take it down under the baseboard. I then cut holes for the wire, reconnected the wire to the two parts after threading it under the baseboard. Screwed the bases to the baseboard and we are done. The tower and sensor post still pull off the bases so I can keep them safe when transporting the track.


Edit: I used this track to run a "Fastest 2 laps" competition at my son's school summer fayre (we have summer in July in Wales, sunshine at Christmas would only confuse us). It went down a storm and we raised a good sum for the Parent Teacher Association. The tower ran flawlessly in constant use for about 3 hours outside on a warm but humid day.

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Thanks MM. That's very helpful.


Fair attraction - or as we call them, school gala is a good idea too. :)



They are only toys .... until you pull the trigger.

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