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Hello folks,


some of you know slotraceshop already, but for those who don't we have recently joined the group of sponsors of Auslot - "the coolest little slotforum on the web"


We are the New Zealand distributors for a number of brands of cars, sets, parts and accessories, and in addition, I supply track braid and tape, side-cutting router bits which we make ourselves for 4.8 & 6.25mm braid recessing.


We supply Trackmate race control systems & I make up controller stations, timing cables, light bridges and the like, and generally try to plug a few holes in the slotting world.


We service the NZ market, and ship very economically internationally.


Register with our webshop and you can receive the free monthly newsletter with product releases, tips, tricks, specials, and news of upcoming releases.


AS example, our recent August newsletter is linked below


AUGUST 2013 Newsletter




For folk with slower connections, and for more news and information than we can fit into the newsletter; check out our Slotraceshop Facebook page.




The New Zealand Slot Racers Group is now open as a community for Kiwi slotters of all interest areas, do join it, and introduce yourself. https://www.facebook...s/NZslotracers/

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Our group has bought Trackmate from SlotRaceShop and the service and delivery from NZ has been fantastic. Great group to work with. Keep it up!

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