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Lake Como (Italy)

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Como is a town in northern Italy that is on southern edge of Lake Como. My track depicts a ficticious event, run anticlockwise, that is held in the town in July each year. The focus of my track is to make it have attention to detail with lots of buildings (where the cars disappear behind), lake water (with boats) and river water scenes. The yacht Australia II is also shown preparing for trials in the lake.


The track will have elevations so I can run some parts of the track under other parts (inland from the harbour).


As well as a 2 lane street circuit I have a one lane WRC rally track with (switchable) 3 Dakar sections that will contain bumps to get the cars a little airbourne. The rally circuit will take 3 laps to complete as the first is on the "dirt" single lane circuit, the second is on the inside lane of the street circuit, and the last lap is on the outside lane of the street circuit. I hope to run the digital Scorpius system that will enable these tracks to stage competition.


The track is currently planned and I have the bases for most of the sections ready. These bases are tables and doors. I wanted to make the track portable as my previous track was made too large and when moving houses it was simply too big to fit in most houses. Hence why I have made this to fit in a bedroom. measuring 3700 x 3400. As I dont want to cut holes in the doors and tables I am making a subframe so I can run electrical cables under the track.


I am planning to use 3mm and 6mm MDF sheets for the track (glued together) so I can get the rises and falls I want. The rally track will have River Rock Dulux paint and smoother paint on the corners for a bit of drifting.


Hope you enjoy watching the build process......

ok....you try racing with one eye closed.

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I've been to Como and it is one of my favorite places ever.


It should be a fantastic backdrop for a street circuit.


Looking forward to seeing it unfold.

Alan Stubbings

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We went to Como 3-4 times a year on the motorbikes.

Nothing to say here, it all stayed in Como.

Always beautiful.

Enjoy your built.

"If one does not fail at times,

then one has not challenged himself."


Ferdinand Porsche

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I like the concept. Plenty of room for building fun. I look forward to watching it evolve.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




Tiny Tyers Targa - The build saga continues - Aging wood - A recipe for staining wood - Don't take a fence - Step by step paling fence - An old shed for my new cars - Wooden garage under construction

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