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Peter Brock Trophy

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On 8/16/2013 at 4:44 PM, CAB77 said:

Sorry Gents for the delay. Between work and racing I have been a little busy but here is the list.


1974 Kim Axton VIC

1975 Herb Nagel NSW

1976 Rick Bishop S.A.

1977 David Hassall VIC

1978 Gary Griffey S.A.

1979 Graeme Roberts VIC

1980 D Harrington VIC

1981 Toby Lee NSW

1982 Wayne Bramble NSW

1983 Wayne Bramble NSW


1985 B. Wilson

1986 Gary Johnson





1991 Paul Orr VIC

1992 Peter Dight VIC

1993 Peter Dight VIC

1994 Charles Rickards NSW

1995 George Bouziotis S.A.

1996 George Bouziotis S.A.

1997 Lee Evans VIC

1998 Tony Pye NSW

1999 Garry Fry VIC

2000 Garry Fry VIC

2001 Garry Fry VIC

2002 David Fitzgerald NSW

2003 Tim Tyler VIC

2004 Tim Tyler Vic

2005 Ivan Wearne NSW

2006 Charlie Rickards NSW

2007 Wayne Bramble NSW

2008 Tim Tyler

2009 Ivan Wearne NSW

2010 Wayne Bramble NSW

2011 Paul "Beuf" Pederson USA

2012 Mick Belot QLD-VIC

2013 Adrian Bycroft QLD

Lots of great racers on that list.

Stewart Houston

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That's quite a list Stewart, some very familiar names there.

I bought the 78 winning chassis from Garry Griffey and ran it at the 79 Moffat trophy at AMR in Group 20. I just missed out on the main despite the motor failing through out the heat. I later sold the chassis on to Boris (anyone remember him ?). never saw it again.

I knew an Ivan Wearne back in the 70's here in Adelaide. I wonder if he's the same guy listed.



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I was pitting for Toby ( RIP.. ) when he won the Brock @ Thomastown in Vic in '81...

He was meticulous - he used two Parma Turbo controllers, and had me polishing the resistor of the 'other controller' during each bracket. We also installed new braids and re-lubed every lane change, while he glued his lane.. 

An awesome builder, and a fairly unassuming kind of guy to boot.....


Good memories - blimey 39 years ago.....





There's only two questions:


1. What direction do you go

2. What's the Lap Record?

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