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Round 3 2013 Wrp - Rally Scotland

Scuderia_Turini's Photo Scuderia_Turini 06 May 2013

Hello all,
Am looking forward to running the event - 8/9th June. We will be running the cars on two tracks:
Track 1 is Ninco, Track 2 is Carrera. The control tyres worked very well on both.
Will post up some track pictures once I have done a bit of tidying...
My brother Adrian and friend Crawford will be the drivers, myself and my nephew Christopher will be marshalling, timing, photographing etcetera.

Kind regards, Leo

gazza's Photo gazza 06 May 2013

Someones excited !!!!

Jaak's Photo Jaak 07 May 2013

Looking forward to it Leo,

p.s the cheque is in the mail. ^_^
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gazza's Photo gazza 08 May 2013

Have been advised that the cars have been posted from Canada, and should be in Leo's hot little hands in about a week or so.

Ember's Photo Ember 09 May 2013

Must just about need a container ship to move that lot.

teamredracing's Photo teamredracing 10 May 2013

Not far off it Em . Good to know there on there way again. Lets all pray for a nice man at customs to let the cars through this time without a payment :rolleyes: :D .

Scuderia_Turini's Photo Scuderia_Turini 11 May 2013

Got a surprise this morning - the cars have arrived !!

The delivery arrived yesterday when no-one was home so I went to collect it this morning. No mention of need for any payment :- )
Not unpacked the cars yet, box is in good shape so no concerns.
I scheduled the troops for 8/9th June but will ask them to gather sooner.
I was expecting a parcel from Germany and assumed this was it, although it was a lot larger than I expected. It was only when I put it in my car that I realised it was from Canada.
Will unpack the cars later today and aim to do a shakedown run tomorrow (Sunday 11th May).


Splitrim's Photo Splitrim 11 May 2013

Wow! That's an amazing turnaround, looking forward to seeing you run this round for us

mtucker666's Photo mtucker666 11 May 2013

That's good news, even better to be ahead of schedule as it provides even more flexibility.

Enjoy running them all


alexis in greece's Photo alexis in greece 11 May 2013

 Scuderia_Turini, on 11 May 2013 - 07:35 PM, said:

The delivery arrived yesterday when no-one was home so I went to collect it this morning. No mention of need for any payment :- )
Not unpacked the cars yet, box is in good shape so no concerns.
Thats the best part of the news.

Ember's Photo Ember 11 May 2013

Bleedin' 'eck. That was quick! Brilliant news.

gazza's Photo gazza 12 May 2013

Great news, that they have arrived, even better news that your round will be run earlier.

Less pressure and you and your helpers can enjoy the round.

Don't forget, plenty of photo's

Scuderia_Turini's Photo Scuderia_Turini 14 May 2013

OK, 51 cars in the box. Not run any yet, but did check for drive train rotation and general condition.
6 in the service park. Not opened up any except for #21
21 - Guide mount tube detached from base - hope to fix this
81 - Rattle inside
58 - Body rocks so much that the tyres touch the arches - no marks on the tyres so must run OK ??
38 - Rear spolier detached
46 - Rear spolier detached
1 - Rear spolier detached

Leo "the spanner"

gazza's Photo gazza 14 May 2013

Onya Leo

Thanks for the heads up, so whens the first round?

Scuderia_Turini's Photo Scuderia_Turini 14 May 2013

Car #21 is fixed :- ) Self-centering spring pin had detached
Car #81 - Its the navigator rattling about in the cabin - bit weird as the windscreen wipers are on the inside... No running rpoblems though
For the cars that have rear spoilers detached, owners please let me know if you want them glued back on. If not I'll leave them loose with the car number identified.

Shakedown tommorrow night.
Stage 1 on Saturday coming 18th - outside if weather dry, inside if not. Despite both being boring peeps, both drivers are going away on holiday during May so 2nd Stage likely to be the following weekend.
Hopefully run a third stage by reversing the direction - round the track that is.


The stage outside:-

Posted Image

The Stage inside - small room so hope you can get an idea of the layout. Clutter of 16 years...
This is on two levels.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
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Knealer's Photo Knealer 14 May 2013

Ah yes the old windscreen wipers inside! Only realised after I'd glued it all together after the respray! It's not helped the aerodynamics any!
The loose navigator may help the handling much like a side car passenger. The only way is up for my car since finishing dead last on stage 2 in Canada.

branco's Photo branco 14 May 2013

Looking forward to this round. About time my car started performing well.

teamredracing's Photo teamredracing 14 May 2013

Thanks Leo , if the wing comes off easy enough on the 46 car ,just pull it off and leave it in the box. Weird that 3 cars had wing problems . Looks like those Canadian custom blokes took a liking to our cars. Failing that they didnt appreciate my email enquiring why we were hit with the penalty. Anyway have fun . Hey Knealer ,glad you havent had some navvies like Gazza,s . Ducks , dogs , you name it he's had it .

alexis in greece's Photo alexis in greece 14 May 2013

Please Leo fix my rear spoiler,car #1

Freddie_Vanger's Photo Freddie_Vanger 14 May 2013

And please Leo fix my rear spoiler,car #38 :)