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Tasman Cup 2013 Tech Inspection

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 04 Apr 2013

G'day Guys,

I have already started teching the cars and will finish doing so this weekend.

So far you have all been quite good. I have only found one issue. I will pm the owner to discuss.

I will also try to give the cars a shakedown on the Cheltenham track which will be the venue for the final round of the series.

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 09 Apr 2013

G'day Guys,

The tech inspection and shakedown will be completed tonight and we will have a bit of a idea as to how these little babies will perform.

I'll get some info up as soon as I can, but it may not be until Wednesday night our time.

Preliminary comments however can be summed up with a single item

Posted Image

The first round at Southern Loop will be held this weekend.Posted Image


Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 10 Apr 2013

G'day guys, here are the results.

Everyone did fine on the tech inspection. Thanks to all. There are some gaps in the deatils and I may have some of the information not quite right. If you see any discrepancy or can fill the blanks please let me know.

Posted Image

And here is the result of a quick shakedown done on the Cheltenham track. I was going solo so I may not have pushed all the cars as much as I could have.

There were some surprises but I hope that all the cars will go a bit better during the races. (except for Stewarts blue beast. Boy is it quick).

The first race will be this weekend. The cars will head off to Southern Loop tomorrow. Qualifying will be on Friday and the racing on Saturday. I'll start a new thread for the round.

Posted Image

miveson's Photo miveson 10 Apr 2013

Many thanks for the update Alan - much appreciated.

charlesx's Photo charlesx 10 Apr 2013

Hi Alan.

Thanks for the information and comments. Pretty much what I expected. Think Cooper in particular should be able to do better but time will tell. Lotus had not been on track so no surprise. Did not however appear to be too much slower than Cooper so there is still hope.

Did post balance of information on Lotus but probably in wrong place. Please see below.

Lotus 18/21 details

Tyres - Paul Gauge
Gear ratio - 8/25
Gear make - MRRC pinion and Slot-it contrate
Motor - MRRC ff050
Body - scratch built
Guide - Slot-it

Let me know if you need anything else.


Chas Le Breton

PS. Should there not be more cars?
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kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 10 Apr 2013

Alan: missing info
Lotus Tassie tyres, 9/23 Slot It, SRP, Tassie, not sure about Guide , NSR or Slot It depending on Colour! White is NSR.black Slot it.
CCAM Cooper Maserati tyres are Tassie.

alexis in greece's Photo alexis in greece 10 Apr 2013

Thanks Alan for the feedback and shakedown.
Missing data:
Tires:NSR(if i remember well)
Ratio:9:27(if i remember well)
Guide make:Slot.it
Please post a bigger image next time you post tech data as i have reached that age...... :D
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lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 10 Apr 2013

Another Spec sheet

Entrant : Lenny Broke #9
Body: Betta and Classic FG shell Cooper T73.
Chassis: Brass and piano wire using modified BWA brackets front and back
Motor; Series1 BWA FF:050
Gears: MRRC (SRP) 10 t pinion, Slot it 24t CW
Wheels: BWA 13" alloys with .375 minilite inserts.
Tyres: D'Art eurathanes Frant and rear. Rears narrowed to comply with regs
Guide: modified ninco pro.
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chenglaw's Photo chenglaw 14 Apr 2013

Alan, the missing info on my Honda (I thought I emailed my entry form to you):

Entrant's name: Chenglaw (Lim)

Car number: 70

Car make and model: Honda RA271

Body Make: PYL Resin

Chassis type: 1-Up Wire and Brass

Motor: Solarbotics

Gears: Slot.it 24:8

Wheels/Tyres: Front: 1-Up/Tassie Resins
Rear: 1-Up/Tassie Resins

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 14 Apr 2013

Mine has the solarbotics ff030 motor and a Slot.it guide - was that all that was missing?
Otherwise same as last year, Paul Gage tyres, BWA wheels etc

slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 16 Apr 2013

View PostSlotsNZ, on 14 April 2013 - 06:49 PM, said:

Mine has the solarbotics ff030 motor and a Slot.it guide - was that all that was missing?
Otherwise same as last year, Paul Gage tyres, BWA wheels etc

And not to mention the whole Jenny Craig thing going on here.... weight is well down on wheel base ! :P

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 16 Apr 2013

I like to call it the tungsten free, purification diet :P

still not enough to shovel me up into the top half of the field.... sigh

charlesx's Photo charlesx 30 Apr 2013

Hi all.

At the risk of being accused of jumping the gun I note several makes of tyres have faired well to date.

In the first 2 rounds no less than 4 brands have featured in the first 6 places and 3 in the first 3 in one round. Would this perhaps suggest that the build is more important than the tyres. Alternatively perhaps the tyres are all equally good or at least very close.


Chas Le Breton

slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 01 May 2013

Im sure the bottom half of the field are running the same mix of the tyres as the top half. A very good build or well set up car without good tyres is not going to be up the front. Look at Matts (Beidmatt) car in the second round. Tyres vary from track to track too. If they are not working then it is difficult see how well a car is set up or built. And that varies from track to track. Im inclined to think that the guys that finish up the top have sorted their tyres well and perform well on all the tracks, they are also very good builds.
Interesting to see that Mareks car is running a simple PP chassis and is going very well ! Goes to show how a well set up car using a relatively simple chassis and with grip can go. Another point is how easy it drives, Stew (Old23) car is a rocket, has good grip and is well set up, but, it is also a handful to drive.
It is important to get a lot of things right, anything that is not sorted is likely to be the limiting factor for most drivers on most tracks.

charlesx's Photo charlesx 01 May 2013

Well said Slo1quick. Certainly a fairly strong pattern is emerging although down the field results are far less consistant no doubt partly due to the track concerned.


Chas Le Breton