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The Lost Tracks...

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On 8/27/2018 at 12:41 PM, axman said:

Well, found some more lost tracks.... Can you believe a 220 foot Engleman that has operating in a huge shed near Maleny on the Sunshine Coast for the past 15 years.. The track started life in Bundaberg, then moved to Rockhampton.

Hi all, well...very late to the party on this thread...but i was reading through to see if I could find any details on a couple of slot racing holiday experiences I had.  This quote from axman caught my eye.  I was in either Bundy or Rocky (can't remember now) around 1997 (just passing through for one arvo/night ) and I came across a commercial slotracing center in the CBD somewhere.  Would that have been this track do you reckon at that time ?

Also....around 2006 ish I was staying in Forster for a few days, and there was a slot center on the main road of Forster (MacIntosh St I think).  I stopped off and had a go with a hire car, I was the only one there & the fellow running it was a lovely bloke...I hadn't driven a slot for years, but loved it. Anyone have any recollection of this track & or photos ?





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