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Flush Installed Track Booster

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Hi all,

Not a world stopper but a simple solution. Sorry for the quality of pictures.


We are still messing with track layouts so the usual booster track with holes In the board, underneath leading the wires away was not an option. I needed to get the wires out the side and still have the track sit flat on the boards. The tabs under the track are a standard small quick connect, these I had and so for one connection job done. Its wire comes out thru molded half circle in the track edge.


The other connection tho is a problem. You have to get the wire from the "inner" side of the track out. So I bent up some 0.4mm brass shim(model shops should have this) soldered it to the scaley tab and it provides a normal sized quick connect tab.


Even at only 0.4mm tho the brass still raises the track. With a little bit of heat (soldering iron resting on the top of the brass) and pushing gently down you can melt the shim into the plastic that encases the guide slot. I put a lollypop(icepole) stick in the slot before I did this to make sure the melting process did not cause a bulge in the slot. Your only melting it down 0.4mm so its quite easy.


File a way a second half circle to take the wire out of. A few dabs of hot glue to be sure and its back to racing.


Currently the wires for each track come out on opposite sides. But I can see no reason why I couldnt make a long shim for one of them and allow all wires to exit on the same side.








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That's a nice neat solution...


I haven't used track equalising cables yet, but I will definately keep this in mind for when I do...

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