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Scalextric Start Endurance Ssd Chipping...

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I bought the 2x Endurance car pack on the weekend...

The first car I used a touring car universal chip, and whilst it worked, it was MESSY... Not bad, and it works, but messy.

The board has to stand on it's edge between the motor and the led.


The second car I used a F1 DPR module.

Yep, worked a treat, and it's neat as...


Here's how.


Firstly, the Start cars are NOT dpr, so they don't have the right wiring harness.

Secondly, it doesn't seem like you can buy a wiring harness for either the touring car DPR, or the F1 DPR.

Thirdly, I couldn't even find a proper pinout for the F1 DPR wiring harness, and I had to work it out myself...


You will need a 1.25 T-1 4-Pin JST Connector (I salvaged one from some old IT crap)

Ebay is the easy solution... http://www.ebay.com....984.m1436.l2649




Looking at this plug, the correct colour order should be Green, Red, Yellow, Black. That is the same as the Touring Car DPR colours...

As the only pictures I could find of the official F1 DPR wiring was a blurry one in the official DPR F1 guide on the Scalextric website. From what I could see, it is Red, White, Blue, Black.


Anyway, back to the car...


With the car in front of you, and the nose of the car facing away (as if you were driving the car).

  • The Green wire goes to the right braid.
  • The Yellow wire goes to the left braid.
  • The Red wire goes to the right side of the motor.
  • The Black wire goes to the left side of the motor.

ps. Don't forget the Ferrite Man between each of those wires and their destination...


I removed the LED mount on the motor side of the LED hole.

I lined up the DPR LED with the hold and drilled a 2mm hole through the chassis in the middle of the DPR module screw hole.

Then I counter sank it from underneath.

I put a 2mm diameter countersink screw through the chassis and the DPR module mounting hole, and screwed it into a piece of scrap plastic.

This holds the DPR module in place, and the LED shines through the factory LED hole.


All that's left is to plug in the wiring harness...


Pic of the DPR Mounted from Below and on top...





Edit: Fixed the pics and links... This forum seems to fail if the link or image have a %20' in them...


Edit: Weird, it gives me a file extension error for these pics... Oh well, here's a link to each picture...


Scalextric Start Endurance 'DPR' F1 Chip - Chassis

Scalextric Start Endurance 'DPR' F1 Chip - Top

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