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Powered Lane Changers

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After seeing such dramatic changes to my setup, I thought I would post up my 'rug racer special version' of the powered lane changers...


Full guide is here... http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6625

A pic of the lane changer control board. Note the Red / Black power wires...



First I unsoldered the Red and Black wires from the rails... Make sure to not put too much presure on the rails as it will melt the plastic underneath.

The I soldered a DC power plug to the rails.

Then I soldered a DC power socked to the Red and Black wires.

I widened the hole for the wires through the lanchanger wall.


Here's a pic of the finished product... When I mod my latest lane changer, I'll take a few more pics of the process...



Now if I want a powered lane changer, I unplug the plug from the rail, and plug in an external power pack into the socket...

Which gives me the best of both worlds, and it was cheap... FREE...

The plugs came from old crappy wall warts...

The sockets came from old crappy adsl modems / etc.


I use a 12v 4a switchmode power supply, and I made up a single dc socket to 4x dc plugs lead to use a single supply for 4 lane changers...

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