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Blue Ridge Parkway - 2 Lane Routed Track

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Ok wow - 7 years ago I started this build. Funny thing is lately I have been thinking about pulling the track down and starting again. In the 7 years I have collected a few 1/24 cars so I am wanting a track I can test and tune them on. Then funnily enough I re-discovered trains and so after taking the train track down to build a slot car track I am now thinking the reverse - take the slot car track down a build a train track.

Will see how it all goes. In the dreaming and planning phase at the moment. I have a space 7m by around 1.8 - 1.5m so room for a long single lane slot track and some trains.



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I've extensively remodeled my layout to increase the gutter widths on my three lane layout so i can run bigger 1/24 stuff. Initially even BRM Renault Gordini and Simca where a risky car in the outer lanes, wheras now I'm regularly running Carrera 124 DTM cars at 14v with minimal issues. I've had to sacrifice/rework some scenery and add an outer edge in some areas but it is worth it in terms of versatility.

My lane spacing isn't ideal for these cars so I only race the big cars with one mate who uses race craft rather than the 'go as fast as i can'  approach, but as a group we're running  Hard body Group A cars with Tamiya, Fujimi, Beemax etc bodies on Plafit 1900 and 1900s with 21k motors at 11v and it is very manageable, even with a Robbie Fransevic Volvo 240!

My mum says I'm an excellent driver

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