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2013 V8 Tipping Competition

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not sure if this is any help





seems there is a qualifying..

then 2 qualifying races..

then main race sunday.


not sure what that all means though

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Thanks for that - v8 supercars are shocking at updating schedule.... all good, I'll get this sorted tonight so you can tip with co-drivers.


As there is only 1 race and two qualifying sessions (I'm expecting the initial 28 cars will be whittled down to about 10 and then pole qualifying for those).



Race 1 Pole (2 points)

Race 1 Winner (2 points)

Top 5 Drivers (5 x 2 points)

Bottom 5 Drivers (they must start to qualify for bottom 5) (5 x 1 point)


Should make for around a possible 19 points.


Happy days...

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Hi Mark,


From the V8 Supercars web-site:


"There will be two 20-lap qualifying races. A qualifying session will determine starting positions of the co-drivers in the first qualifying race. Their finishing positions will dictate starting order for the main series driver and where they finish will determine the grid for the following day’s race."


So I guess you need to load up just the car # for qualifying, the co-drivers names for Sat Race 1, the 'main game' drivers names for Sat Race 2 and then both (?) for Sunday's main event...





There's only two questions:


1. What direction do you go

2. What's the Lap Record?

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sounds too complicated for me, Guess I'll just pick 2 x 888 cars, tander, frosty and someone else at the pointy end.... mercs and that moving chicane kid at the bottom plus two more likely to get punted or break down.....


- ie, pretty much what I do each round LOL

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Okay, Round is now available.... it's a tad confusing but....


Qualifying Winner (this is the pole sitter for the qualifying race) - 1 point

Qualifying Race 1 winner (co-driver) - 1 point

Qualifying Race 2 winner (main driver and this is the pole sitter for the main race) - 2 points

Race 1 winner - 2 points

Top 5 drivers - 5 x 2 points

Bottom 5 drivers - 5 x 1 points


There are still 2-3 unconfirmed co-drivers....


Best of luck... Email will go out Monday with further details.


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Hi all


With this years comp now completed, just thought I'd like to thank Miveson for a excellent job organising the new spread sheet & running the event. A big thanks to all who donated prizes also.


Congrats to the top three winners..........................


TBirds Slot Racing was kindly enough to support & sponsor this years comp, and it was greatly appreciated, as this was the first time the comp had been supported by a retailer.

Here's a photo of Chris at birds with the Aussie V8 Supercar



I had Chris pick the winning member of the lucky door out of a hat, and the winner is................................Jasonk1970


Jason you have just won the #9 Moffat XB Falcon coupe. Just send me your postal details, and I will get to sent ASAP to you


Hope to see you all in next years comp


KInd regards


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Thanks to Mark for organising an easy to use spreadsheet, and scoring system, Chris from T Birds and Clevo for providing prizes and all the other participants for being part of a very competitive ( its a male thing :unsure: ) competition.

Well done to the prize winners , including Branco for the wooden spoon :P


Looking forward to next years competition. Only 10 weeks away :ph34r:

* Avatar used with permission


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Thanks very much to Mark for organising the competition and a massive thanks to T Birds and Clevo for the prizes.


Hope I do better in the competition next year, will follow my head and not my heart....lol

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Thanks Miv for this years tipping . Done a great job as usual . Is there a scoring sheet you haven't done yet ^_^ . Thanks too , to T Birds and to the others for putting up prizes . And thanks to those who didnt put in there tips on a regular bases as i think its the only way I moved up the ladder :D .

Cheers Craig

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A big thanks Mark for doing an excellent job in building the web spreadsheet. From my side it worked perfect. Also thank you to those who donated prizes and especially Chris from Thunderbird.

Congratulations to the expert tippers - well done. I feel I won as I finished in the top 10 and the big win was finishing in front of Craig (Teamredracing) :lol: :lol: :lol:


Cheers all and please have a very safe and happy Christmas.



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