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12 hours ago, jimmyslots 1950 said:

Hi Tony

Had to loose some weight to make it legal so made my own body mounts,in the process it came to me to make the main base plate carbon fibre for my 2022 GT3 saving 20gms which I think has been my down fall in previous Proxy's. Might be wrong but so close to the big dogs I need to try something different & I think light weight is the only thing I haven't tried. So watch out for a very light weight GT3 next year,testing yesterday with carbon base plate came  in faster than my M6.

Love the challenge that Proxy's throw at you,makes you test your self to build the ultimate slot car & if you don't succeed it was fun trying anyway.

An old mate rang me the other day to ask for advice on a slot car repair & when he asked me what I was doing I tried to explain what Proxy's were &  I suddenly realised how hard it is to make a slot car to go fast on 10 different tracks that you haven't even seen before,now thats a challenge.

Wiin lose or draw I don't care as long as strangers enjoy driving my cars I consider myself a winner.:D

Cheers Jimmy:D      

Not only 10 different tracks, but potentially 35-40 different drivers with social distance racing 

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Nice job Jimmy, love the carbon fibre idea, your M6 is doing well in the current GT3 proxy, no doubt the '22 version is better.

I'll have to get onto my '22 effort as I missed the cut this year so need to do much better

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