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Race Control System 64

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Hello racers,


This is my first post here, after visiting this forum for quite some time. Nice to see some familiar names here :)


First a short introduction. I am Marcel, 41 yrs old and live in Holland, married and 2 kids.

I got back in slotracing about 10 years ago, and was intrigued when the first digital sets came out, I was a so called early adapter with the C7030 powerbase version 1.2

Looking back, we have come a long way. I have had a lot of analog and digital race nights, I am happy with a bunch of regular guys that come over to race every other week on my permanent SSD track. Nowadays I use the C7042 powerbase in combination with the PC that runs Race Control System 64 (RCS64), a race management system that is dedicated for the C7042 and being developed by a Danish programmer and me.


The reason I post here is that I think we have made a stable RMS with some nice features, and deserves to be checked by more users. Current version 3005 is ready for download and is free. I really want to share this with you too, because we hope to get feedback and ideas from SSD users from all over the world.


We have ambitious features in mind, but not before we have a stable basic version, which I think we have now.


In current version included;

- fuel load simulation,

- (auto) track call,

- practice,

- qualify,

- Grand Prix,

- Endurance,

- an advanced throttle profile editor, with realtime throttle graph, calibration and 15+ default throttle profiles which can be edited and saved.

- Stop and Go

- Advanced Pit Stop Menu, which gives you the option to do stuff in parallel, like refuel and change profile, and in future version change tyres (virtual) for added strategic effect.

- Multichannel sound effects

And more.


There are also some things you might miss in the current version, but we are working hard on new features;

- Tyre wear strategy (being tested now)

- Pace Cars

- Rally

- Championship/event planner

And a lot more.


We really hope you will give RCS a chance and give some feedback, we look forward to share and develop future versions with fellow SSD racers.


Download at: www.rcs64.com


Get the key to unlock lap and time limitations by sending an PM with your e-mail address.


Many thanks.


Welcome to the digital era ! Check www.rcs64.com for a dedicated C7042 RMS.

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Thanks for the welcome guys :)

Have you tried RCS already ? We are working hard on some nice new features !

Of cource I know V8 supercars, but not in detail, are there any specific things (fuel/tyre or anything other race related) you would like to see in a RMS ? We plan for instance pitstop windows like DTM.

Edited by Minardi

Welcome to the digital era ! Check www.rcs64.com for a dedicated C7042 RMS.

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Hello Everyone,


Just a quick post to update you on what has and is going on with RCS64.


RCS64 has now been released. There are two editions the full Formula One Edition which features Tyre Wear and Weather, and the free Formula Three Edition which has all the standard features such as fuel simulation and Stop and Go penalties.


In the next couple of weeks the Damage/Handicap system and PitPro support will be added.


RCS64 now has its own Facebook and Twitter accounts.


There is also a 'demonstration race' video on the RCS64 Youtube Channel.


Our website has a 'Video Manual' page that is also worth taking a look at.


All the links are at the bottom of this post.


Have fun


Andy P (Minardi's secretary - unpaid but slightly loved)


P.S. Anyone live in Condobolin, NSW?

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Hello again,


A new version of RCS64 has just been released.


RCS64 now supports Pit-Pro and has a Damage feature.


Check out the Pit-Pro Video at


And the Damage Video at


To download your FREE Formula One Edition visit the Team RCS website at http://rcs64.com/


Or visit our Facebook Page to keep up with all the news http://www.facebook.com/RCS64.Scalextric


Hope you can spare the time to take a look


Andy P

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RCS64 Version is out.


The focus has been to optimise performance, improve stability, and to fix the issues that were present in the previous release. So no real big new features in this download, but still a very interesting new release.


Previous release had some issues with regards to safe speed in combination with damage. Also damage itself was not working correctly in all circumstances. There was also an issue with throttle calibration, all, along with a few other fixes have been dealt with.


However, it is more fun to talk about what is new in this version, so here goes;

  • Arduino support for pit in led – triggered by pit pro (also track call light issue solved)
  • Re-arrangement of pit pro advanced lights mode. Now easier to see.
  • Improvement of GP/Endurance dashboards
  • Improvement of GP/Endurance pit menu
  • Optional background sounds in practice/qualify and race screens
  • New sounds added for tyre change, pit menu and practice/qualifying end
  • General user interface improvement
  • Arduino firmware version now suitable for either Uno or Mega version. Firmware is in RCS, upload from within RCS.
  • Damage; repair time now dependent on how many repair points left. Example: If I set damage points to 5, and repair time to 20 seconds, the repair after losing 1 damage point takes 4 seconds. Of course,this is not possible at the same time as changing tyres and adding fuel.
  • Result screens improved.

We hope you enjoy this version smile.gif


The next major release will have pace cars and extended race results. In the meantime we are also working on an event planner and Arduino individual dashboards – I hope to be able to show you a prototype of these soon.


Thanks for reading,


Team RCS

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Hi guys,


At the moment working at yet another release after version 41. Some pc's have problems with this release (most PC's don't), but we are working on a fix. Glad you like the program Brett ! And thank you Andy :)

Welcome to the digital era ! Check www.rcs64.com for a dedicated C7042 RMS.

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New version release now available via RCS64.com or the following link http://rcs64.notlhosting.com/RCS64(


Mainly a bug fix release.


Some fixes;

- Tyre wear improved, did not work always correct if you brake less than amount of brake points, and also not in combination with dynamic brakes. This is now solved.

- open pit menu when no pit pro is used is improved (to prevent open menu while racing)

- sound issue when switching tabs after race is solved

- rain sound volume is lower

- save set up cars issue solved

- green light arduino out when track call

- track call when PB power is lost or connection lost, plug back in and continue race

- Lots of clean up in the code.


We think this is a very stable and reliable release.

Next step; release pacers.


We have a long lists of things we want to implement, we can't wait to work on new features !


Team RCS

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Lots of development has been taking place over the past few months.


The next version of RCS64 will contain it's full Pace Car feature - constant and variable. Also Sector Timing using the new Smart Sensors.



Catch up with all the latest news on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/RCS64.Scalextric or http://rcs.com


Have fun

Andy Parry

Team RCS64 Umbrella Holder!

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Here is a short update on the future of RCS64 from Marcel -


Martin is working hard on the new RCS64 version. As you may know, version 87 was the last version using the current interface. A lot of code will be rewritten which will make it easier to add new features.


The new RCS will be more dynamic and flexible when it comes down to dashboards and pitstops - if you don’t use tyre wear you won’t see the tyre value in the dashboard and you won’t see tyres as an option during a pitstop.


Pit stop management will be one of the new features - probably available with the next release. You will be able to decide before the race the actions your pit crew has to perform based on practice/qualifying data and results.


The pit menu will be completely different with less chance of mistakes and a much clearer interface.


A lot of work ahead! Will make sure I keep you all up to date as things progress.



Team RCS

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Just a quick update on the development of v2 .




The really big news for all you Scorpius users out there is that Martin has been busy implementing Scorpius throttle support for RCS64. Support should be available in the next release - v2. For more details on Scorpius visit their website http://www.scorpiuswireless.com/.




Further news:


Martin has been working hard on some annoying bugs that just would not go away - it would appear that these issues are now solved.


Marcel is very happy with much of the new functionality, especially within the tyre function.


I have had a chance to look at some screenshots of v2. I particularly like the dedicated set up screen which should make v2 even more user friendly than v87.

It is now down to finishing Pace cars and then beta testing can begin.


I've personally been working hard on getting my track up to scratch ready for the release of v2 - from the look of the screenshots it should be worth the wait.


But, don't expect to see development end on the release of v2. Formula One is making big changes at the moment - ERS for example. Will we see RCS64 with it's own take on ERS in the future? My hunch is yes we will!


Keep up the good work Martin and Marcel your hard work is much appreciated.


Andy P

Team RCS Cheerleader


P.S. On the release of the next version the cost of RCS64 will go up. If you buy the current version (v87) now, at the lower price, you will be eligible to upgrade to v2 at no extra cost whenever you want to.

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A further update on the progress of the new version of RCS64 v2


Finally we start to see some light at the end of the development and test tunnel.

Time to share the features that will be present at release and features that will follow after release.


RCS64 v2 F1 features (in no particular order)


- practice

- qualify

- race (grand prix/endurance)

- analog mode

- pit pro support

- smart sensor support incl. firmware update from within RCS64 and start light/track call light/pit status led control.

- arduino uno/mega/nano support for lights

- fuel load simulation

- tyre wear simulation

- track condition simulation

- damage system (handicap)

- stop and go

- autopit feature with smart sensor (pit menu opens)

- scorpius throttle support including integrated test tool

- improved dynamic user interface, no fuel/tyre/damage chosen is no fuel/tyre/damage status in dashboard

- optional sorting of dashboards

- optional parallel tyre changing/refuelling

- new pit menu style and options

- throttle calibration

- throttle profile editor

- improved user settings, incl. personal throttle profiles and handicap setting.

- improved car data base

- multichannel sound system incl back ground sounds

- false start option

- event planner

- rotation and points system

- pace cars

- (I may have forgotten some)


The first new features on the 'to do 'list after release.

RCS64v2 is for some of these features more or less already prepared.



- Safety car mode

- Rally mode/Rally cross mode

- Locator Pro/Smart Mega support

- Results/historic data viewer and analyzer

- Endurance race ends

- Random failure simulation

- Oxygen support

- Pit Stop Strategy


Martin and I know that it is getting time to release, but we want to reach the same level of reliability and stability as v87.

At least the list of things to do before that time is getting short now, we can start checking the list of one by one and than we can send a version to the testers. Somewhere around Gaydon I think we can start testing with more people.


Finally I want to share some screens with you (note; pre-release, the GUI needs some updating)


1) The new race screen where all action takes place (Practice, Race and Qualify). Dashboard can be sorted by position, or not. Note the IP (Information Panel) on the left with general race data, weather and track status.




2) The event planner. You can make events by selecting the race modes you want (Practice/qualify/race) and the options, like fuel simulation, tyre simulation. You can save these settings and use these events in a series, or run a single event.




3) Tyre settings. Really proud of this one! Use the defaults settings or adjust to your own liking. We have 4 different tyres, and 3 different types of track condition. Each combination has specific values. For example, a hard tyre will feel different on a damp track. An intermediate tyre will be the best choice on a damp track, slightly worse on wet but almost undriveable on dry. You can edit these values how you wish, to simulate 1:1 conditions. Biggest win compared to v87 is the transition from dry to damp to wet track. More strategy, with better control.




4) Scorpius throttle support. RCS64 v2 has a built in test and ID assign tool.




Thanks for reading,



Team RCS64

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