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Mounties Speedway

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This is a fantastic track, it has the full feel of a speedway, great work.

I can't quite make out what you have used as the barrier fencing, I'd like to steal your idea if that's OK, they look awesome, a hell of a lot better than my expansion foam.

Good work bloke and fast work too considering the effort your putting in.


Sorry Zgas,,,,,, overlooked the Q. in your post,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the plastic fencing can be found in Bunnings where you also find the plastic strips for between boards/fibro,,,, I too saw this used @ other slot tracks,,,, does look good,, though not many sizes to choose from just this 48mm & larger.

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Sometimes I think I'm too pedantic -_- ,,, but after looking up the meaning,, it reads like some one obsesed :blink: ..... So I'd rather think I'm just overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching ;) ....... So recently I had done some fencing & painting,, & even though at the time being satisfied,, gradually some lines did move,,,, again... So at the moment I'm fairly happy about the position of the track edges,,, BUT!!,,, now the fence, aka-garden,,, just doesnt sit right....005-3-1.jpg


So I moved it,,,,,, out with the Renovator tool & paint,,,,,,, again.


& even after I thought I had it right,, I just could'nt help but think some more...



Now I'm very fairly sought of sure that this is what I'm wanting to acheive



& while I've got the tools out I'm wanting to turn this area int a drive thru Stn. for the Safety car & a marshall's post



Not wanting to be too pendantic,, I'm trying to figure a route in which the race veichles would hopefully not end up in there... gates maybe..


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been a long time since I"ve done some track work..... after lots of thinking,,contemplating,,staring,, more thinking,, measuring ,, marking ,,staring & thinking some more I've decided to just go for it to try reclaim what i had originally intended..


Up to bunnings (again) & got myself a tub of suede,back home & mixed it up some more till I got a concrete lookin colour,,,, & started reworkin the track edges....


Here was my first attempt @ ripple strips,,, looked good marked out in lead.....till I aplied the paint <_<



So I'll leave this area for another day.....

& had started on this........I had already tried this with a smooth radius edge though masking/taping the tighter corners was annoying me so I decided on the straight edges..... Though I think It'll work ok when detailed...



So I'm on a roll @ the moment & decided to push a litle further....... but not with out some more thinking ,staring,thinking,marking..



not forgeting I'm after a concrete effect i'm using the Brush to give me a broom finnish.. after the second coat it comes up to my liking.



I've also started on the ripple curbs which should really give what I'm after....fingers crossed.


only thought with these is if I should paint these in the standard Red/White (not keen on the masing to acheive this) or a solid blue like the track as I've still got heaps left,,, I think I'm liking the blue up against the green grass.

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Slowly but Surely....


laid some grass behind the curbing this afternoon,,, pics don't do any justice....... or maybe I just cant use the camera...???





In my haste I forgot to paint under the grass area the desired colour of brow or green so the grass you see laid is 2 layers /spreadings.


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Finally,,, I feel I'm starting to achieve what I originally had in mind in regards to "racing lines"...... after these pics were taken I made some minor changes(will show later)..








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I've messed around with this far too long,, painting, fencing, removing, painting,fencing,,, losing sight of original plan as to rush it then only to redo cause I wasn't happy with the outcome...... a few litle changes to my liking this afternoon & I can honestly say......... "2nd stage" is complete............... I think :rolleyes:


here's some more pics of the inner circuit.....














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Looking cool...

Can't wait to get my own space...

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finally get a bit of time to take some pics ,,,,,,, & they're crap,,, (using the MOB. phone)....just trying to share the added feature of the racing lights I've wired in,,,, so far they are conected to a 9 pin relay switch( manually activated)...... when track is live/lights are green....... when track is dead/lights are red....... Curently looking into the idea of connecting relays to/from the computer to operate most of the features Race Coordinater has to offer.......

sorry about pics quality,,, does no justice



seems some lights are missing,,though the Red & yellows flash


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Been a while since I have looked at you track Neil, scrubs up well doesn't she.

Good job there

Cheers Grant


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finished off one of the marshall post & garden,,,,, got my mother to give me a hand with painting the figures/marshalls... thanks mum.





not bad for a couple of cheap items from the bay...



And should have this area knocked over within a few months


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