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Hows This For Chrome

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524899_408805185851250_1947665752_n.jpgsaw this on fb,, by Babyboo shoes,,,, metalic nail polish... but no other reference....


& before I cop any flac,,, found this via my daughter liking the page. Thought I'd share...

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Yup... The best job is done with ."nail foil".



Ok, you're supposed to be looking at the thumb nail not the car.


You can get a similar product from Spotlight much cheaper for more. But, the general idea is that you paint on the glue to the surface, let it dry and apply the 'foil' which is on a cellophane type backing. Rub it down to bed the foil into the glue then remove the cellophane backing. I don't have photos of me doing it and the photo above was from my first attempt.


Clear coat over the top is the question mark though. The nail foils will react with the stronger nail top coats, so there may need to be some testing for clear coat suitability.



Computers. They'll never catch on.




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