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Roger Miller

Toyota Gt1-Scaleauto.

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I bought this awhile ago, from




It was on my wish list.

It comes in two engine types 20k and 29k Mabuchi style.

All quality running gear.


BODY: Light weight racing -

CHASSIS: Utilises seperate motor mount -

WHEELS: Alloy wheels with grub screws -

GEARS: 26T slot.it crown gear. 8T Pinion

AXLE: Front axle height adjustable grub screws

MAGNET: Slot.it type located in front of motor

MOTOR: Inline Mabuchi style 29,900rpm

ISSUED: October 2007


I can’t just take a car to the track and run them.


This one needed better tires on rear at least. They were wobbly and didn’t fit the rims properly.

I fitted a pair of slotingplus rims [ because I had them ready ] with 20 x 12 NSR Ultras,

The front tires although super wide, [too wide for my liking] were able to be manipulated to the rims, after gluing. I then Bostic Multi bonded the tread of them.

Added thrust collars to axel as the whole damn pod moved like crazy.

The motor shaft rubbed against crown, so filed that back a bit and glued motor into pod.

Added a bit of weight here and there.


One good thing it has adjustable height front axle. Every car should have this, I believe.


The leeds are held down exceptionally well and allow for very good self centering of guide


I recon the pod is same as slot it, therefore I can make sidewinder ?



I’ve had it out a couple of times now.


Goes like a rocket, however when it comes off it does hit pretty hard on barriers [see missing light lense already.

























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Cheers Roger the GT one isone of the best rtr slotcars. You are right regarding the rear tyres they just don't suit aussie tracks. The chassis is almost identical to the radical except it doesn't have the cutout for an anglewinder pod like the radical does. Dimensions of the pod are the same as a slot.it pod. I used an offset inline pod on one for club racing. I used the standard pod for the last DUPR run and the car won easily.


The car has a 104mm axle to guide lead a very very light body and is well over 60mm wide so if you tune it even half decent it is a gun car. I would take the weight from behind the rear axle in such a long car and put it either side of the motor on the chassis pans if you want to add weight but if you get the chassis really straight and everything true it is one of those cars that will run sweet with no added weight.


PS i doubt you will get even an 18mm sidewinder gear under the body. Not enough height from the body or even width in the wheel wells i don't think.



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I bought one and modified it to accept a Slotit lowered anglewinder boxer motor and put my NSR Ultra Grip Mosler front + rear tyres on it.


I'm not a great 1/32 plastic tuner, but this thing is a rocket and looks great on the track.


- Cam



Hoo Roo

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