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Nz Canam Proxy 2012 - Round 5

Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 16 May 2012

Hi Guys

Greetings from Auckland NZ.

Just waiting for the cars to arrive from Christchurch.

The plan is to run Round 5 on the Orakei raceway track on Sat the 9th of June with qualifying on either Tuesday the 5th or Friday night the 8th.

Round 6 at Henderson looks like it will be run on the 30th of June being the next scheduled track clean day( when all the goo from steel chassis racing is removed).

Would have liked to have kept the momentum going by running round 5 in May but my cousin's wife has said she wants her lounge back, so we are moving the track to a warehouse over the next 2 weeks.

Will keep you all posted if anything changes.

Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 18 May 2012

Hi Everyone

The cars have arrived from Warren.

Will check the cars for travel damage, but Warren packed them pretty well.

Now to organise moving our track, then we'll be back in business again.


Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 04 Jun 2012

Hi Guys

Well our track is now tucked into it's new home.

Still a bit of wiring to tidy up and we have to build a new bench for the drivers' position as the track had to be turned around but apart from that, everything is running including the timing system, so we are good to go this week.

I'll try and post some pictures if I remember to take the camera.

So the plan is to now run qualifying on Thursday the 7th of June around 2.00pm NZ time, with the actual race run on Saturday the 9th of June at 2.00pm NZ time.

I'll email results to SlotsNZ to post as soon as I can and then post comments on drivers' observations on the forum.

To set the scene a bit, I looked up results from last year's Proxy round at our track.

Fastest lap in Group A was Jazzbell at 4.603 seconds.

Most laps run in Group A was 37 on yellow lane(SlotsNZ), 36.5 on red and 34.1 on white.

Fastest lap in Group B was 4.966 seconds by Lenny Broke.

Most laps run in Group B was 34.6 on yellow, 33 on red and 33 on white.

The track is left in a rubberised state which gives it alot of grip.

Yellow lane is the outside lane, with red and white the centre lanes and green is the inside lane being the tightest.

Depending on if we have enough marshalls and drivers on the day, we will try and run on all four lanes, but if not - we will just run on Yellow, Red and White as per last year.

For the cars, I'll check braids, re-clean tires if they need them( per rules - water and tape only) and lube gears and bearings if anyone wants it( otherwise I'll leave that area alone), then give them a bit of a run to blow the dust out.

Then we are ready for qualifying.

Looking forward to seeing how this group of cars compare to last year's.


Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 07 Jun 2012

Pre qualifying car inspection

Have now checked all the cars prior to qualifying this afternoon.

No problems for anyone re ground clearance.

Picked up some race damage and repaired accordingly as follows:

Haystack - lead weight on front of motor pod had broken loose and was rattling around the interior - glue it back down

Doc Speed - looks like it had a heavy frontal impact, guide holder broken and nose plate of chassis was cracked thru on one side - Araldited it this morning, needs 16 hrs for max strength binding, so won't run it in qualifying today - means it will start last on Sat.

Noted KalbelfellP rear axle has about 2mm side play - presume that is old sloter's trick but at extreme - outside of tires get close to rubbing on inside of guard.

Treating repairs as allowable with no penalty.

So Qualifying all good to go this afternoon.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 07 Jun 2012

Heya Mike

thanks for the update. Yeah, all those repairs sound like running damage.
You are welcome to qualify Doc Speed tomorrow, and we'll insert the time, then run it according to where it qualifies.

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 07 Jun 2012


KalbelfellP rear axle has about 2mm side play - presume that is old sloter's trick but at extreme

No trick Just poor pre race checking on my part I would think. If possible could you adjust the side play, could be a wheel loose or axle stopper. The grub screw location should be marked on the inside of the wheels.

Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 07 Jun 2012

No worries Phil, will adjust.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 07 Jun 2012

Here you go.
Posted Image

and their track in it's new home
Posted Image

Posted Image
Pretty flash warehouse man!

Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 07 Jun 2012

Qualifying is now completed except for Dr Speed who I'll likely run Friday night.

I have emailed the results to Mark to post.

Eight cars got under 5 seconds compared to six cars last year and on average this year's group of cars are slightly quicker.

Our favorite cars to drive so far are BUNYIP and Trent S., however in a longer race, some of the other cars will definitely show their true colours.

Race day will be this Saturday at 2.00pm NZ time.


miveson's Photo miveson 07 Jun 2012

Well chuffed on qualifying result - best of the series so far. Damn guide will be the death of me.

Thanks for the prompt updates.

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 07 Jun 2012

Thanks Orakei,

Bunyip will be pleased with your comments. I'll pass them on. I must ask him how he did it and get some tips from him 'cause I sure got it all wrong with mine.


nitro0440's Photo nitro0440 07 Jun 2012

Thanks for the qualifiying run guys , happy with the result , think it's my best quailifying postion to date ... I didn't really build the car to be a good quaiifier , built it more for running over race distance ... will see how it's goes in the round race ... Good luck with running the round guys ...

Cheers .

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 07 Jun 2012

Thanks for the good run. I see Stigs car is still in group A!

slotmadmac's Photo slotmadmac 08 Jun 2012

Cheers Mike and crew.

Congrats on Q1 and the new lap record. Always a good feeling - especially with your own car.

From memory the 512M struggled a bit on Orakei last year so good to see it faring better this qualifying.


charlesx's Photo charlesx 08 Jun 2012

Great start to this round. Well done Mike.

Note a number of cars easy to deslot so is perhaps high level of grip.

On my car last time at Orakei - was one of my worst performances. Stated car needed more weight. Only difference this time is 6grms of lead which appears to have made some difference. 1.5secs better lap time and 7 place improvement. (17 to 10th). Here is hoping this can be maintained in race round.

Will look forward to results. All the best to the rest of the field and organisers/drivers.

Chas Le Breton
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haystack's Photo haystack 08 Jun 2012

View PostSlotsNZ, on 07 June 2012 - 07:38 PM, said:

Here you go.
Posted Image

and their track in it's new home
Posted Image

Posted Image
Pretty flash warehouse man!
Now that Phil's car is rerated as B class,it must be a cert to win on handicap, if not outright. Is the ballgame over...do we start to plan for next year now? :wacko:

Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 09 Jun 2012

Hi Guys!

Another round done!

Tthe Orakei crew have all gone home for tea and I have just finished collating the results and have emailed them to Mark.

He's probably busy watching the All Blacks v Ireland match at the moment, so you may have to wait till Sunday for the posted results.

We had a later start than planned due to the track developing a couple of contact breaks in the copper tape plus I couldn't get the printer to work( serves me right running a Windows 98 PC for our track software).

Racing especially among the top 10 cars was hot and close, maybe a bit too close resulting in a few offs as they found the limits and swopped a bit of paint.

But everyone enjoyed the racing.

Damage list is short:
  • Stubbo - front mount post has parted from the body again and roll bar has come off - will repair both with 2 way aradite poxy glue.
  • SlotsNZ - stripped crown gear - will wait for Mark to confirm replacement part to use.
The rest of the cars I'll check over, clean the braids and tires, then pass the cars to the Henderson boys for Round 6.

If anyone wants a axle/ gear lube and oil, let me know - I use Hob-E-Lube Moly grease for the pinon and gears(plastic safe).


SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 09 Jun 2012

Ah, I didn't want to post these. Broken down on the side of the road with mere Porsches, Chaparrals and all and sundry dirving past.

But here they are. Mike made race comments as well, but the sheet is too wide to view legibly for snipping. So copied as best I can at 1am

Orakei Racer Great car to drive,well sorted
KALBFELLP Very predictable to drive - nice!
Dr Speed The old M8 still has it, nice to drive
DRW21 Easy to drive but now very noisey
Trent S. Odd power curve but handles well
Pitlane3 Smooth, stable, nice to drive- Alfas like our track
BUNYIP Smooth plus good speed, bit loose under brakes sometimes
Haystack Stable but a bit loose in the rear
SlotMadMac Beautifully smooth but lacks brakes
MIVESON Feels bit slow(gearing) and tippy
hgPanel Smooth and stable, more power please!
CharlesX Well done Chas, best car in Group B
Nitro0440 Too light, deslots easy
STIG Smooth in straight line, but tippy on corners
STUBBO Very smooth and stable but slow(gearing?)
SLO1QUICK Bit slow(gearing) and noisey
Lenny Broke Great on right hand corners, not good on left hand corners
PHANG Bounces on acceleration, tires delaminating in spots
CHENGLAW Front tires rubbing on body, makes it handle loose and unstable
SLOTSNZ Good power, m'be too much with high grip, stripped gear in last heat
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

slotmadmac's Photo slotmadmac 10 Jun 2012


Orakei Racer's Photo Orakei Racer 10 Jun 2012

Morning guys

Hind sight is a wonderful thing after a good nights sleep.

With respect to Slotsnz's gear failure, I feel we may have short changed him a bit as round organisers.

With 1.42 minutes to go, we should have stopped the heat, replaced the gear and finished the heat.

But due to the late start, "heat" of the moment and being the last heat for his group, we pushed on without giving Mark the benefit of completing the last heat and only taking a penalty hit for replacing the gear.

Therefore provided there are no objections, I'm suggesting two options to address the situation:
  • Re- run a 3 minute heat just for Mark's car( can be done tonight)
  • Use a averaged up figure based on what his car did complete in that last heat.
The yellow lane driver - Alan Lee was pretty consistant ie based on what he clocked up - 17 laps in 1.58 minutes, I would expect he would have done another 15 laps in the remaining time.

Your thoughts guys- especially Phil K. - seeing as Mark can't make a decision on his own car.