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Happy Birthday Ford Xd1982

bandit's Photo bandit 09 May 2012

Happy 40th ya pensioner.

espsix's Photo espsix 10 May 2012

XD's were made from 1979 until 1981!
Looks like you missed the party.;)
XE's are having their birthday this year.
30 years old, not 40.:)

slotrunner's Photo slotrunner 10 May 2012

Sorry expsix phil had a 1982 XD Ghia 4 speed top loader 9'diff with 5.8L 4v mother of a motor

Steve059's Photo Steve059 10 May 2012

Happy Birthday hope you have a great day/night Enjoy it Mate

espsix's Photo espsix 11 May 2012

Model run ended late 81, but some were still produced after that, so yes you will see some 82 plated XD's, just like i've personaly seen 81 plated XE's, but having said that, it still dosn't make them 40, and it's still not their birthday as a birthday is when their born, not when they died!;)

And i don't believe a top loader or 9in diff is a factory fit in a XD.
Edited by espsix, 11 May 2012 - 07:45 AM.

slotrunner's Photo slotrunner 11 May 2012

Hi espsix Phils car was plated 1982 and it was a fairmont ghia 4.1 auto we got it of a old feller in 1989 who had it from new and the first thing we did was rip out all the running gear then we re sprayed all the body
and all the fun started with the RTA for rego any way it not the cars birthday its phils 40th birthday it was one mother of a car to drive but its long gone now the guy that he sold it to stripped it and put it all gear in his car but when he drives he's car you can tell by the sound that was phils motor in it
Edited by slotrunner, 11 May 2012 - 11:38 AM.

espsix's Photo espsix 14 May 2012

Well then, happy birthday Phil!