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Slot.It Lola B09/60 Le Mans 2010 Review

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It's been a while since I have reviewed a car and being a Slot.it fan I thought it timely to review the new LolaB09/60. The car has a couple of new features when comparing it to previous standard Slot.it releases and is the first modern era Le Mans car for them. The changes look to have come about due to the shape of the car and at least one works quite well as I found out.




As you can see from the pictures it looks to be pretty faithful to the real thing with no bumps for motors, gears etc in the body. A bit too much space between the rear wheel and the guard but once you adjust the motor pod it sits a little better.







The rear wing sits square which is a often mentioned as an issue with some other Slot.it releases.




The paint looked pretty good and I did not notice the minor marks in the rear guard until I looked at the photo's. Part of aging I guess. Anyway they will most likely be the first marks on the car once it does a bit of rubbing in the turns. The wheels are reasonably close to the real car although the rear could do with a little more of a dish to it.




Now onto the chassis where you can see the real changes. The new angle winder pod is installed here along with the Standard Flat 6 motor with Open Can. There are no identifying stickers on the motor but I will go on the colour. The Crown gear is a 28 tooth and from the Slot.it website the pinion is 11. The cable routing is very good in this car and does not pop out at all which usually helps with guide self centering when you come off during a race. This helps in fast marshaling of your car.




The guide is very different and I can only guess this is due to the very low nose of the car. The car also comes with a spare guide and braids and a note to replace the one on the car with the one supplied. I was too eager to run the car so ignored this as it seemed to be quite free and I could not see a problem with mine except a bit of flashing hanging off it and some rather messy looking braid. I scraped the flashing off, straightened the braid and away I went.


Two slight minuses I noticed was that the guide does not self centre and the Crown gear can scrape the body if you run the pod too loose. I usually run a loose pod and body screws so I had to run a little less float on the pod although once I had it running for a while I think it didn't need any more anyway. As for the guide maybe I will swap it over and see if I can get it to centre better.


As a comparison I compared it to my Spirit Reynard which is one of my faster LMP cars. I am running F22 Slot.it tyres on it and since our last race where I had some problems the car is now fully sorted and very close to the NSR's. I was turning easy 5.60 laps early and then switched to the Lola.


I firstly ran the Lola with the Standard tyres and could not get under 6.00 seconds a lap on Boslots track but I did notice it was very easy to slide with it's long wheelbase. I had also just picked up a set of the new N22 Slot.it tyres so thought it a good time to give them a run. Once scuffed in they were very similar to the F22's although they sanded with a bit of an MJK style gray dust but had a distinctive rubber smell to them. With these, and a loose setup it was marginally slower than the Spirit, turning 5.7 seconds. One thing it did really well was Bo's tricky esses over the right hand side of his track. Lift off before and back on the throttle through them. They were actually fun for a change. It was also good on the power down out of a corner and accelerated with minimal tail wagging. Later when the track was rubbered in the Lola was down to low 5.6 second laps and the Spirit as a comparison was doing low 5.5's with one 5.495 to finish off.


To conclude I would say with some sorting and maybe the new Slot.it air rims this car will run with the NSR's and other LMP's quite well. I used no weight, I think it worked best this way on Bo's track anyway. I left the magnet in although the braid is copper so no magnetic effect there. Oh and the N22 tyres may have a little less grip than the F22's they replaced but there is not much in it.



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'imug[/b]ford' timestamp='1335788443' post='174807']

good review vinno.. now where to get $67 from ....

go out and mug someone :D:P

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



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It's a great looking car.. I didn't know they were about to do the modern cars.. that's going to be superb!

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