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A New Concept In 1/24Th Racing Is Borne.

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How good was it to see this class again being showcased as the pinicle Scale Model Car class we have (this past weekend at the Slotcar Fest at MrSlotcar in Melbourne). Together with the new Lexan GT3's they culminated into the fastest on track classes raced. The two classes are within 1 and half to 2 tenths from each other, which is very much the difference we have in 1:1 racing. If anyone wish to compare the two, head over to the 'Slot Fest' thread and compare the various teams racing their OAPR LMP's v Lexan GT3's. Don't just compare the two in general, because a fast GT3 car and driver, could get very close to a slow OAPR LMP car and driver. So make the comparison within the same team - or in sprint racing, for the same driver.


It was also good to see such a variety of bodies being raced. We had Aston's, Audi's, Acura, Pescarolo, Peugeot, Lola, Lotus and Porsche - with great battles across the field.





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LMP was a fantastic race and were a great way to finish off the weekend. The cars are so awesome to drive , fast and handle so well that you can certainly push yourself and abilities to the max . I didn't honestly now how close it was to yourself Jan and Mark in the last bracket to sneak onto the podium by One lap 😳 , I'm glad I didn't know or I might of choked for sure . 😬 I had a huge advantage with Cam. I hope to see you Queensland guys keep traveling to events as you have and still are the benchmark teams . Great to see so many new drivers coming on though from Vic, SA and NSW . A real interstate battle as it should be . Fantastic. 🎉🎉🎉

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