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Jouef. 1963-1980.Pics.

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SORRY. TITLE SHOULD BE JOUEF 1963-1980 Jouef slot cars were produced in France between 1963 & 1980.

The scale was 1/40.

During the heyday of slots(1963-1968) Jouef tied in with other European companies to distribute their slots- Egger Silberpfeil in Germany, Champion Motor Racing in the UK & Commonwealth & a factory was also opened in Spain.

Over the years they made some lovely looking slot cars.

Production ceased in 1980 & Artin then distributed their own cheap cars under the Jouef name(in France).

I have every design of car & am just looking for differing liveries to complete the collection.

The cars are pictured on my Champion Motor Racing circuit.




1960s first;


BRM F1.standard green.



BRM F1. Yellow & rare flourescent yellow.




BRM F1. Chrome top black base. Rare.




BRM F1. Chrome top, chrome base. Extremely rare. Maybe only a dozen left.




BRM F1. Economy version.




Ferrari F1. Common red, rare blue.




Ferrari F1. Gold top, black base.Rare.




Ferrari F1. Chrome top, black base. Very rare.




Ferrari F1. Chrome top, chrome base.Extremely rare, maybe only a dozen left.




Ferrari F1. Econmy version.




Lotus F1. Yellow stripe, UK only-rare. Blue-rare.




Lotus F1. type 2 & 3. Type2 (yellow) rare.




Matra F1. Type 1 & 2.



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Mini Cooper. White-rare.




Matra DJet.




Ford GT40. Red-rare. Chequered stripe (competition decor)-rare.




Alpine 3000 GT.








Renault 8 Gordini-rare.



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Mercedes 300sl. Yellow-rare. Blue & red-very rare.




Mercedes 300sl hardtop-very rare.




EType hardtop. Green-rare. White-extremely rare.




EType . Rare. Blue & red-very rare.




Silver/gray Merc 300sl & EType. Considered to be Jouefs` two most beautiful models. Extremely rare.




Porsche 904GT. The one in front is my first slot car from 1968.




Ferrari 250 GTO. The number 73 car is a very rare tampo printed version.



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Alpine A1600. Rare.




Matra 650.Rare.




Porsche 911.




Porsche 917, differing "moustaches". rare.




Ford Capri.




Lancia Stratos.



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Carabo Bertone.




Porsche Carrera.




Renault 5.




Matra Bagheera. Rare.




BMW 3.0csl.




Ferrari 312T.




Alfa GTV. Very rare.



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Go-Kart. Very rare.




Ligier JS1. Rare.




Porsche 936.




Alpine A442.




Drag car. Very rare.




Fiat 131 Abarth. Rare.




Renault RS01.




& the last one. Also Jouefs last new car. From 1980, the Ligier JS11. Rare.



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Wow Kev. Nice to see them all together like that. Massively impressive collection.


Like many others I know nothing of these little darlings. But then, I know nothing about the early days of slot-toy production. Did they have a particular reason for choosing the 1:40 scale? Were they already producing toy cars in this size? How do they compare to the Scalex cars of the same vintage.


Any chance you might have a line up of same car in Scalex, Jouef and any other brands you may have to demonstrate the differences. I notice you have the Wrenn grandstand on your Champion circuit.

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Hi Ember,

Took ages to photograph them all!

The Jouef firm was founded in France quite literally the same time as they were liberated from Germany in 1944 by a bloke called Huard.

First toys were tin plate cars & planes ect. Next they became massive producers of HO railways in continental Europe.

Really we can only guess at the decision to go 1/40 scale.

Jouefs slot system was always advertised as table top racing.Unless you had a huge table you couldn`t do that with Scaley.

They also tied in very strongly with Playcraft (Mettoy) Toys Ltd. from Britain. Playcraft were world famous for their Corgi diecast vehicles. Corgi cars were 1/43 scale, so the 1/40 of Jouef weren`t too far out. Corgi also produced race buildings & figures(they are all featured on my layout) . These were all sold in conjunction with the Jouef slot car system(Champion Motor Racing) throughout the English speaking world. You will find them in Australia.

Incidentally, between 1964 and 1968 Jouef also produced model railways for Playcraft.


The only other UK producer (of any note) of 1/40 scale slots during the 60s was SRM. I`ll post some pics tomorrow of them.


I`ve got two Wrenn Grandstands on that layout. Wrenn was a tiny 1/52 scale. However, their grandstands are a perfect size for any 1/40 or 1/43 scale layout-if you can find one!


The engineering that goes into a Jouef slot car is incredible. Until 1975 parts were all hand assembled on a cottage industry basis, then they went to the main factory for final assembly.

Between 1963 and 1970 each car had full steering, fully adjustable spring loaded pick-up shoes & unlike their competitors there was no soldered wires anywhere(except for a tiny few early 1963 models with oscillating motors).

No oiling was or is necessary!

The only weak spot is pre 1968 models can lose motor magnet strength- easy fix with a re-zap.




How do they compare with Scalex of that period? Quality & performance of the cars are on par. However, the system was let down massively by the tracks brittle nature. I have to be so careful when handling the track.


During the 1960s the cost of a car in the UK was 19 shillings for any standard colour car, & 21 shillings for a gold or chrome car. That`s give or take £1 each in new money, still a lot, my Dad was on £6 a week down the coal mines then!


Price as a collectors item now? A good start would be to buy a green BRM or red Ferrari F1 car. They will not go on Scalextric Classic track, but should have no probs on the new Sport Tracks deeper slot.

You can get a lovely one of these for £15GBP.

Maximum I`ve paid for a rare example? £800 GBP. The French & Dutch know their Jouef & because of the rarity of many of the cars you do have to compete.

If you want to try Jouef ensure that any model you buy has all parts attached. Spares are very hard to source.



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Thanks for the info Kev. Not really likely to be collecting them, but they are lovely. The steering mechanism and all. I know some early Scalex cars were steering but I've never seen one in action. The only old Scaley cars I can ever get my hands on are late 70s.


Trying to get my head around the price conversion. I'm a decimal kid. Never had to deal with LSD... well... not of the currency variety.


Oh. While you're doing the shopping list, you can put me down for some Jelly Babies and perhaps some Gummy Bears. :)

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Hi Kev! Always great to see your fantastic Jouef collection and sceneries!

With greetings,


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