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Which Carrera Digital Decoder Chip To Convert Scalextric Car?

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I've just invested in new Carrera Digital track (or 2) and was wondering if anyone knows which Carrera digital chip to buy in order to convert my old analogue Scalextric cars.

It seems there are a few types available,one for hot rods,one for F1,and one for all others.

I understand the F1 is a different shape to suit the narrow body,but what is the difference between the hot rod and the 'all others' type?

Just don't want to grab 1/2 a dozen of the wrong type.

Any help appreciated.Thanks :)


Repilcarz in the states has them on special at the moment,so would be a good time to buy.

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Don't know exactly because I am an SSD racer however, I would assume it would be like SSD and any of the Carrera car chips would work its just a matter what what size chip will fit in the scaley car you are wanting to convert.




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