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20 Questions On A Setting Up Mobile Digital Track

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I've seen slot car tracks presented at a variety of Trade SHows as a mean of 'sucking in the punters'. Most have been poor - a quick and dirty setup, supervised by people who don't really care. Clearly thats not an exercise in presenting slotcars, but it shows opportunity and the headaches. It just has to work...


For a kids party of, say, 8 kids, having kids sitting out is just painful. While I agree that analog would be more reliable, it however will take up significantly more space for 6-8 lane track. You could get clever with some routed chicane turns, but that just bunches up for crashes so you have the same problems as digital. So going digital does make sense. And you can have rules... your car comes off and land on its roof, then just like real car racing, you're out of the race... works for me every time. (By the way mattcrackers, most mums/dads don't stay for kids parties - they get away as fast as they can, so the dads won't 'push them out'...)


I guess you've done the commercials...? How many hires do you expect before you pay off the initial outlay? Whats the value to the hirer?

I can't see you charging more than 5% of cost per party, so for $2000 outlay plus $1000 for your creation time, thats about $150 per hire, plus transportation. You'd be seeing a year go by before the investment start returning, and this assumes no real damage along the way.


My gut - go as cheap as you can, with as simple operation as possible. This actually means someting like the Scaley PB4, with one finger ID etc! Most digital PBs are too complex to understand for a 2 hour usage. If you want to save wear and tear on throttle cables, plugs etc, then wireless is the only way and the scorpious 'all internal' option is the only one that's realistic currently.


oXigen has just gone on sale, and will handle 20 cars using straight analog power and wireless. However it may need a PC for what you are wanting. http://www.slot.it/I...oad_Oxigen.html





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Thanks for the info Matt i wasn't aware of that ,,,I was an early adopter of digital and,got it the day it was released have waited in anticipation only to be very disappointed with it I went down the road of modifying the system for optimum performance and eventually went back to analogue ,,leaving it to the more tenacious to continue the advancements .


I might even grab a new APB and give it another go ,,I've still got a fair few chipped cars I did try the new set at Armchair recently and found it to be very stable by comparison to the early systems .

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It is good to see that so many are using digital and having so much enjoyment, but rememember that Todd ,s track has to be transportable, easy set up and that most of the users will only get a short time on the track, and want to have a great time.

Hire tracks and mobile tracks are so different to any home of club tracks.


Here digital has something to offer in that you can fit 4-6 cars where only 2 would fit in analogue. Imagine how hard it would be to transport a 8 laner around. And kids always have a good time on digital, and if time is short as you say digital again can support more drivers at once so commercially its far more viable for limited space.

However if want simplicity stick with analogue. Its also more reliable but kids deslotting will still jam up the other lanes same as digital.

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