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Ssdc Ver.5.2.1 Pit Lane Entry

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Just wondering if anyone has tried ver.2.1 of SSDC yet ?


I tend to do a lot of rug racing & had a great layout for several weeks till the girl friend got a jack of it. Can`t blame her I guess... The track was starting to sprawl out from the living area, up the hall way blocking entry to the bath room... I had a grand plan to take over the kitchen area too... Fat chance of that, she said.

Anyway I enjoyed racing with SSDC system while it lasted but the lack of pit lane control was frustrating as pace cars could easily enter pit lane & smash into the back of a driver.

I had a hard time getting pace cars to run at an even race speed... pace cars often sped up till they got so fast & eventually out of control launching themselves of the track.

Having said this a friend here in London has a permanent digital track where we were able to take control of pace cars quite well. I think the langth of straights and positioning of curves etc.. all came into play. One of the biggest things I learnt in settling pace cars down is to make sure the tyres a sanded & dust the track down before each session.. made a massive difference.


now I see an update to SSDC. does this mean a lot of issues will have been ironed out ?????


Check out the updated features: AWESOME !!!

  • Support for wireless throttles (C7042 users only).
  • Addition of a throttles window to view and diagnose throttle response.
  • Pit lane entry constraints for pace cars.
  • Wireless throttles control InCar-Pro brakes and lights.
  • Wireless throttles control ABS braking levels for standard InCar chips.

So I'm wondering if any members have tried it yet .. and what`s your verdict ?

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Yes i have tried the new version and you can now disconnect SSDconsole from the powerbase while SSDconsole is running to allow ID's to be set without shutting down the Program, and car are not running away now at the end of races, waiting to get my wireless boxes this week to try the wireless system but i think you have misunderstood the adjustable brakes as you have to have the MIH upraded Firmware (Incar-Pro) to be able to adjust your brakes on the fly with the knob without the Firmware upgrade the Knob atm would do nothing



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