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Wdmcrg Round Five 2005

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We Ran our first Enduro for 2005, the Pre 1990 Historic Open with three classes of racing at the same time, Sports Cars, Sports Sedans and Prototypes.This is the first of three Enduros to be held this year with 15 mins per lane.




Big Al with a Fly Lancia Monte Carlo Std motor and chassis


Dave with his Fly Ferrari Daytona with Slot-it H.R.S. chassis and Slot-it boxer motor




Bo with a Racing Fly Capri with Ninco NC6


Daniel with a Fly Racing Capri std motor


Joe with a Fly Racing Capri std motor


Jamie with a Fly Racing Capri std motor




Charlie with a Slot-it Porsche 956 S/W V12 motor


Glenn with a Slot-it Porsche 962 inline V12 motor


Mark with a Slot-it Porsche 956 inline V12 motor


Here are some pics of the race and the grid.



The Capris were the fastest cars on the night with Jamie's fastest lap of 6.66


Joe did a 6.71 fastest lap and I did a 6.73, great cars to drive.


Dave and Daniel lining up at the start line


Two Prototypes ready to race with the Sports Sedans


Heres Glenn off at the hair pin


This is joe in his Capri


Sports Car Class


1st Dave with 464.95 laps

2nd Big Al with 419.70 laps


Sports Sedan Class


1st Joe with 515.60 laps

2nd Jamie with 508.90 laps

3rd Bo with 494.50 laps

4th Daniel with 435.20 laps


Prototype Class


1st Charlie with 450.50 laps

2nd Glenn with 415.55 laps

3rd Mark with 402.60 laps


Regards Bo :(

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