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Scx Ford Fiesta Wrc

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Picked up one of these little beauties last night, and i must say SCX have really lifted there game on this one






The car is fitted with a new RK91 motor which gives it plenty of grunt




A nice flat chassis keeps it low to the ground




First impressions on the track has it with plenty of power from the new motor, the tyres took a while to come good and the time around the rally track reflected that, i then put on a set of MJK's and this dropped the times even further.




Very happy with the performance and the look of the car , it can only improve with a little weight added and a bit of fine tuning




May even enter it in next years Rebel Rally

Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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Where did you pick the car up from Schuey ?


With SCX's long history of releasing Citroens, you would have to think it is only a matter of time before the DS3 is released.


The Ford looks great and should have plenty of liveries to follow.

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It looks absolutely awesome :) :) B) B) :D


Since I first saw it was coming out I wanted to do a repaint into ken blocks rallycross car(being a ken block fan and all)


I want the final product to look a bit like this




But it looks a bit hard so if patto has something could you pls pm me


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Rock on


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Enjoyed your write up, so Santa was notified. He (or She?) didn't disappoint;




Only thing wrong is headlights stopped working after 3 laps.



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