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Gday From Wa(Perth) Rich

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Has anyone out there been to pattos place website?pretty cool lotsa stuff (for blokes like me /novice)Question is has anyone bought 1 of the complete car kits? I have soon to arrive. Instructions talk about wall plugs & cards do you know what these are? putting together a 2002 Bathurst Ford. not trying to hang a picture?

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Use the wallplugs as body posts. trim to length. glue in place.

If no one has a picture handyt i will take on today and upload for you.

I havent bought anything of patto yet, will one day.


Welcome aboard



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The little Riper motor will probably be too powerful unless you are running a large track, we tried a few in brass 140 gram sponge tyred cars and still too much on our 65 ft track. The tyres are also very hard compared to what we use on most tracks,may be O/K of Ferodor tracks.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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