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Senna - The Movie

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Yes, I watched it last week, Knoath. I loved it, but Ayrton has always been a bit of an idol for me, and I'll happily watch and enjoy anything Senna.


I would have liked a bit more racing footage, but I found the insight provided by the almost endless stream of talking heads quite fascinating. During this period of F1 racing we were lucky to get the complete race on TV in Australia, let alone things like the after-race driver interviews! At the time I had no real idea of the level of politicking involved, and the deep rift between Senna and Prost. I think Prost's arrogance and animosity is still revealed in the interviews shown with him in recent times. In fact, if you had to identify the driving focus of the movie, it would have to be the relationship between these two.


There are also some great on-track interviews, footage of the famous Senna walk-out at a drivers' briefing, and the coverage of Senna's first race at Monaco which he would have surely won (even in a crap car) had the race not been stopped due to rain and Frenchness, were intriguing and exciting.


On a technical note, I found the sound mix bad, with some poor editing and very inconsistent levels. But overall, well worth watching, and re-confirmed my opinion of Senna as probably the most creative driver of all time!




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That's a great review Count... the French 'control' from La Presidente was arrogance at its best wasn't it? Of course, it's no surprise you would pick the audio inconsistencies... they were annoying at the start, but easily overlooked when you turn your attention to the driving highlights.

Senna and Prost's relationship could have been detailed a little more, but with what the director had to work with I 'spose it was quite well done.

When you consider this is a fillum made in the late 2000's (it took more than 2 years to sift through the footage) the quality is very 80's unfortunately.

Suprised there was no Murray Walker content (bar a few seconds of audio), and nothing of the inquiry to the incident surrounding his death.


Still, it was a nice touch to see just how revered he was in his home country.


A good DVD... for sure. I'll have it in my collection, as will most here.


I give it 4 SlotIt guides!!! ;)




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Woodbrook Valley build thread


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Took my son to see it a few weeks ago just before my eyes started to fail. We had to travel 80 miles to Belfast due to the fact that it was produced in digital and we have only a few cinemas here that could show it. It was a Sunday afternoon and we and the 8 other people in the cinema thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It may already be out now on DVD here in the UK. If you enjoy F1, feel a little bit nostalgic then it's a riveting couple of hours not to be missed. For me the highlight was seeing Nigel Mansell at the driver meetings wearing his "flat 'at" looking every inch the farmer. See it, and try not to cry at the end.

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I saw it about a month ago now. As has already been said, it gives some good footage of the politics & the extremely competitive nature of the people involved at the top level of the sport. (Reminds me of that thread here on Alan Jones & his competitive attitude - he played mind games with his opposition to distract them - in the photo where AJ is sitting next to Patrick Head, I thought AJ had the focus of a top level Mafia hit man!)


The minor technical issues aside, I think the Senna movie is very well done, & of course saddening.

I used to be surprised that I was still surprised by my own stupidity, finding it strangely refreshing.

Well I don't now.

I'm over it!


Photos of my track in progress.

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