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Mod'Ing Pb4 To Handle 6 Cars

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I have made progress, but its dropped to the back burner as I work through 'damaged house syndrome' after the EQ. Not that theres a lot, but there is a desire to move house and getting things tidied up are arguably more important.



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Here's a feature that would be nice...

Change the brake button to a track call button...


Maybe press it any one once for track call, and press any two simultaneously to cancel it...



So as a software only mod, the features I would expect would be...

1. Track call

2. Program all 6 cars numbers.

3. Constant throttle single ghost car

4. Smooth deslot spikes.


As a software / simple-h hardware mod it seems like you could extend the functionality even further to include

1. Multiple ghost cars

2. Better power delivery

3. Better current detection / cutout.


Anyways, on my current limited budget, a firmware upgrade to include a track call feature on the pb4 would be invaluable in saving my cars from destruction...

I'm probably going to upgrade my cars to your incar pro soon enough...


Thanks for the time and effort you have already dedicated to this community, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next...

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Had another thought, instead of trying to program a track call like the APB one, just make the brake button affect all cars...

This would have the same overall effect...

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