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"how To" Car Mods 1

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After a race at the Slot Shop a few ppl asked how i did the fading silver stripes on my Artin Saleen.




I though i'd share with you the tequnique on me latest car, the Artin Lamborghini.


I First pulled the car apart and sprayed the shell silver, fading to gunmetal gray. i though it looked a bit plain so i though i'd put some nice red stipes on the sides.




Mask of the area that you want to make the stripe, i used auto pin striping for this, but almsot any kind of sticky tape will do, electrical tape probably being the next best choice as it hase a smooth, clean cut edge.




next, masked of the rest of the car with masking tape, we dont want any red anywhere else so this needs to completly cover the car.




next i gave the area a very light spray of silver to give the red stripe an even base colour. changing to red paint, start the airbrush close to the body and moving away as you move towards the front of the car, hence making the red lighter.




Then caefuly remove the masking tape, while the paint is still wet, i found this helps give a cleaner edges to the line and allows easy wipe off with a rag if you dont like it. (its also good if you are impatient and cant wait to see what ti looks like :D )


and there it is, a red stripe that fades as it gets to the front of the car. its a bit hard to see in this photo though. :angry:




still has the interior and wheels to go, i'll post pics when it all done.




An unmodified car is like a blank sheet of paper, aching to be drawn on.


Ren's 3 lane routed track with analogue pits and 2 car sudden death.

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Hey thanks for that Rene.


I've looked at doing things like that before but couldn't for the life of me figure out how. It's almost Achingly obvious when demonstrated isn't it! :D


Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished car. :angry:



Captain's log: We are enroute to some planet whose name I cannot pronounce to do something really complicated that I don't understand.

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