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Car Returns And Prizes

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Hi Phil

My car arrived today but not the prize car. i was expecting my car to go to Gazza, so im guessing it is in with that lot?






ps thanks again to everyone involved cant wait till the next one


-EDIT- I also recieved a pair of homemade tyres??? anyone know whose they were???

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Box arrived today with Mine and Daves prize cars


Have to go through the comp cars as i thought Kai's was in it ..... must admit i haven't had a good look yet


Had a look ..... Mine (obvious) OTFS, Devious, Oldsluts, and Yngwie plus thre prize cars and packets of tyres

Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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Tasi Devil tyres. They sound angry. Are they by you Phil or one of the other Tasi crew?


Urethane? And facial tumour free?

Computers. They'll never catch on.




Tiny Tyers Targa - The build saga continues - Aging wood - A recipe for staining wood - Don't take a fence - Step by step paling fence - An old shed for my new cars - Wooden garage under construction

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My old boss dropped a package off to me today and it was my car. Quite surprised to see both wipers still attached :o Fixed a few things up on my track on the weekend so I had to give her a run and all is good.

Some slot (and MTB) vids NOW SHOWING

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My car is home again and only minus 1 mirror, I guess that's what happens when you follow the field ..........


Pleasantly surprised by the "surprise" in the box ......


Thanks Phil and all involved....







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No that almost all the cars and prizes are home it is time to thank a few people who helped make this year event such a great success.


First up thanks to the guys who started this crazy event years ago, Martin ( Phoneo29) who I think can up with the idea and assisted by the other rally nut Gazza made the first series possible.


This year Alan (lenny) had to step aside and passed me the event already setup to go.So it was very easy to run nit from there.

All the people who added to the prize pool with either cash donations or free/cheap postage to the next events.

Jazzbell,Slo1quick,Lenny and Obsidth.


All the great hosts who ran these cars and then organised the cars onto the next event for not only running the rounds BUT for all the input behind the scenes before the event started.


Most of all thanks to all the entrants who built cars for this event and sent them along for us guys to play with.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone? If I have please accept my apology.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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