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Ozrally Proxy Round 8

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All the cars have arrived safely at TazRally Park in a nice large box.


Cars will be extracted over the course of the weekend to be checked and ready for running next weekend and probably finish the event by the middle of that week.


Stay Tuned

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Looking forward to some rally results Taz. All the best and enjoy.

* Avatar used with permission


Normal people worry me

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Great to see the show on the road again.

6deg. there this morning the tyres are going to be like train wheels :o


I was meant to be in Lonny this week, could have given you a hand.


Hope you enjoy.



I can't believe that I wanted to grow up


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A quick build rally track


2017 WRP Round 11 at Mt Salt Panorama



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Good news


The results from the previous round were in the box as promised so I've scanned them and sent a copy to Phil, he'll sort in due course.


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Only an interested bystander but problem with results of previous round must be worst nightmare.


I have just entered my first proxy event (not this one) and hope to run round next year perhaps. Recent events however would send a chill up your spine.


Hope it all gets worked out soon. Also looking forward to Round 8 results.




Chas Le Breton

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would be great to see some of the cars running again. before people lose interest

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Sorry Guys, should have posted earlier.


Was planning to run most of it on sunday, but track needed work - hasnt been used since last year!!


About to run first stage - then as I can over next few days.


Will let you know how it goes - geez a poet and don't know it?

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Eureka he's done it, got the first stage run and a very interesting first stage it was!


Each car was given a 20 lap sprint in the normal direction and results are shown below in total seconds. 356speedster stood out while the stig chased hard. Then Lenny led the rest of the pack that went below 110 seconds.


Bad thing is, if you wish to scrutinise the results, the home track hero was a disgrace, the tech crew has just been fired, and the drivers manhood threatened, so improvement is a must and at the very least expected. Phil, what are the penalties for changing parts like tyres, gears, motor, brushes, paintwork, chrome, and even entry number? (oh hell, what penalties for a new car?)


Anyway, plan from here is to run again friday night in reverse for 40 laps then in normal direction on sunday for how many laps are needed to get the field to have had approximately 8 minutes running time total.



356 103.323

Stig 104.082

Lenny 107.169

Jazzbell 109.013

Tom & Cam 109.093

Philk 109.817

Sko1quick 110.524

Miveson 111.133

Triggy 111.527

Yngwie 111.734

Anthony 112.146

Devious Dave 112.153

Otsf 112.197

Gazza 112.637

Mohawk 114.232

Manic35 115.514

Phoeno29 115.568

Benm 116.449

Brk12345 116.757

Manimal 117.261

Eno 117.318

Haystack 118.981

Old Slot 121.641

Slittleshales 122.61

Mexico2000 123.625

Espsix 123.988

Smallnails 124.854

Munter 127.524

Ember 140.651

Tazracer 347.146

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I know you said your car sucked on its home track Taz, but that's got to be some kind of record!!! What happened?

Computers. They'll never catch on.




Tiny Tyers Targa - The build saga continues - Aging wood - A recipe for staining wood - Don't take a fence - Step by step paling fence - An old shed for my new cars - Wooden garage under construction

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STAGE 2. is done and a bit of a change in the finishing order from stage 1.


Before you see that here's what happened. 40 laps. warm day so more grip, tippy cars that bit harder to drive. some others tended to drive out of the corners if not careful.


oh, the Tazracer entry has been scratched - beyond repair!!


Allright here's the stage 2 results, will have stage 3 and final results in the morning (along with Pics if the boy comes home and gets camera going).


remember time is total seconds



entrant time

Lenny 209.666

Stig 211.77

Sko1quick 212.785

356 213.402

Jazzbell 215.306

Brk12345 216.61

Manimal 217.939

Devious Dave 219.013

Triggy 221.648

Tom & Cam 222.058

Manic35 222.131

Philk 223.972

Gazza 224.719

Anthony 225.016

Yngwie 226.196

Miveson 226.706

Munter 229.929

Old Slot 230.141

Eno 231.224

Slittleshales 232.717

Phoeno29 234.71

Benm 236.203

Mohawk 239.645

Smallnails 241.599

Otsf 242.852

Haystack 247.365

Mexico2000 247.963

Ember 248.561

Espsix 267.415

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You are right Phil, Obsidiths car has been withdrawn, and so has the Tazracer entry, the crown is shot, along with everthing else. At this late stage in the series a big DNF is all it deserves. Technicians-engineers-pit crew have all been sent on an early holiday to have a good hard look at themselves!!!


BRK - from memory it was a car that on the longer stage 2 the driver could get into a nice rythym without too many problems.


will update everyone later.

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Stage 3 is done, and sorry no piccies.


Was a fairly similiar run to stage 2, but over 30 laps to try and get 8 minutes running. Again, remember it is in total seconds.


356 158.155

Lenny 158.52

Stig 159.14

Sko1quick 160.188

Jazzbell 161.983

Manimal 163.585

Brk12345 163.608

Devious Dave 165.272

Manic35 166.64

Gazza 166.935

Tom & Cam 167.538

Triggy 167.991

Anthony 169.454

Philk 169.842

Miveson 169.998

Yngwie 171.562

Old Slot 173.537

Eno 174.032

Phoeno29 174.736

Munter 174.971

Slittleshales 175.98

Benm 180.23

Mohawk 181.207

Ember 183.44

Smallnails 184.361

Otsf 186.027

Mexico2000 187.447

Haystack 187.788

Espsix 207.683

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Now for the final results and congrats to the podium.


By the way, the clear winner of the best looking car (she was the judge!)was BRKs reanault


Results for 90 laps ran over three different stages. Again time is total seconds.


356speedster 474.88

Stig 474.992

Lenny 475.355

Sko1quick 483.497

Jazzbell 486.302

Devious Dave 496.438

Brk12345 496.975

Tom & Cam 498.689

Manimal 498.785

Triggy 501.166

Philk 503.631

Manic35 504.285

Gazza 504.291

Anthony 506.616

Miveson 507.837

Yngwie 509.492

Eno 522.574

Phoeno29 525.014

Old Slot 525.319

Slittleshales 531.307

Munter 532.424

Benm 532.882

Mohawk 535.084

Otsf 541.076

Smallnails 550.814

Haystack 554.134

Mexico2000 559.035

Ember 572.652

Espsix 599.086

Edited by Tazracer

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