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Auction Update

dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 16 Feb 2011

A brief summary to date.
  • 21 items
  • donations from manufacturers, slot shops and members in Italy, UK, USA, Australia
  • over $3000 in donations to the flood appeal
  • great support from Ember and miveson getting the auctions set up and keeping them going.

All should be finished by the end of this week with 3 last items currently still active.

Thanks again to all who have supported the auctions.


miveson's Photo miveson 16 Feb 2011


Credit should be allocated wholly to yourself, the time and effort that you have put in setting up, running and reporting has been absolutely outstanding.

Well done David, your due a well deserved rest.

The people affected by the flood will appreciate yours efforts and the generosity of the forum users.

Ember's Photo Ember 16 Feb 2011

Wholly concur with Miveson, DM. You've co-ordinated the whole shebang. And followed up with the to-ing and fro-ing post auction.

Also a big congratulations to all those who have supported with items, with bids and eventually monetary donations.

Australians are, on the whole, a generous mob.

dreinecke's Photo dreinecke 22 Feb 2011

Great job folks! Amazing what great folks are in this hobby!

Both RMS kits are shipping out to the winners tomorrow.

Thanks again, and hopefully this will help some good folks out!

mickymack's Photo mickymack 25 Feb 2011

Hi to all donors and supporters of the recent auctions. I have received the cars that I bid for and won. The cars I received are very good and will greatly add to my collection. Please accept my appreciation and thanks for a great effort by the members of this forum who took time to help out in such a tremendous way.

Thank you, and kind regards.


shodan's Photo shodan 26 Feb 2011

Glad the cars arrived safely.

Thanks dangermouse, miveson & ember for coordinating and assisting with this auction, and everyone who donated and bid; great work.
I'm proud to be a member of this forum hobby- it's heartening to see the generosity of the average slothead !

Let's hear it for Cleveland - responsible for over one third of all money donated ! Nice work mate!!

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dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 26 Feb 2011

I reckon MickyMack did a 3rd as well


Davnic74's Photo Davnic74 31 Mar 2011

Received my 2 resin kits from Graham (rapide) last week, awesome kits and quality is A1.
I hope I can do them justice when assembling them.
Thanks to Graham for kindly donating the 3 kits.

dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 31 Mar 2011

Good to hear David

Hopefully all auctions prizes have been delivered, please let me know if they haven't.

thanks again everyone for you support


Bulsara's Photo Bulsara 31 Mar 2011

How about we hold an auction for the NSW labor party. Or not. :lol:

dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 31 Mar 2011

Would that be a flood relief auction as well? :)