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Wdmcrg Round Three 2005

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Our third round was held last Saturday night the 12th of March.


Three classes were run with eleven racers in total.


Nascars were the first class with all cars now being Scalextric sidewinders and the odd inline car thrown in. We ran two minute heats on the four lanes.

Top placings were.

1st Joe 62.40 laps

2nd Vince 60.80 laps

3rd Devious Dave 59.40 laps

4th Daniel 58.05 laps


As can be seen here the cars run low. The Scalextric Nascars lend themselves quite well to non magnet racing. They also make good track cleaners as we found when Devious ran his Nascsar.





Restricted Sports cars were next. Three minute heats and a nice variety of cars. Here Joe is on the outside in the F360 Proslot Ferrari. Charlie has the Scalextric Porsche GT3 with Bump leading in the Ninco Porsche GT3 and Chris in the hopping Scalextric TVR.


Here we have father Al in the Ninco Calloway and son Daniel Proslot F355 Ferrari Devious Dave in the modded Scalextric Ferrari F40 and Rob with the Dick Smith motored Fly Venturi.


Jamie and Daniel are duking it out on the outside.

Top Placings were

1st Joe Proslot F360 93.75 laps

2nd Graeme Proslot Porsche GT2 93.1 laps

3rd Vince Proslot F360 92.8 laps

Proslots were 1st to 5th with Robs Venturi doing well considering its low powerto come in 6th.


We also raced the second round of our Porsche cup for Ninco 934 Porsches with NC1 motor no weight and no magnet. Four minute heats.

Placings were

1st Vince 123.55 laps

2nd Joe 122.90 laps

3rd Dave 120.55 laps

It was good to see Charlie come in 5th and son Chris in 6th as they are now getting the hang of Non Magnet Ninco track racing. Must be all those lunchtimes practicing at Armchair Racer eh Charlie.

This is a Pic of the Porsches raced previously.


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Great pics, Vince.


Just wondering how the Calloway goes running non mag. I've never really heard much on this model but I reckon it looks good.


Thanks again for the pics,



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Hi Dave

The vette ran very well with a NC1 motor it came 8th out of a field of 12 starters


Regards Bo

It could have finished higher but Al is not a pusher. He likes to cruise although he has picked up the pace a bit since the track was moved.

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