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Premier Raceway

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Some progress over the last few days, now brick walls for the bridge and under the bridge.

Some more colors to go on the brown rocks.

And paint tidy up, signs and some planting.

The yellow/brown color area is for my oldest son, hes not into driving the cars he prefers static tractors and trucks so thats his construction area..







Team Phoenix


4 x Australian National Champion.


Premier Raceway Build

Gallery Raceway Build.

Heany Park Raceway Build



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Hey Dave


nice to see you back on the track

Walks upright Unaided  *  Ties Own Shoelaces  *  Can Mispronounce Own Name In Five Languages  *  Mostly Aims Rattle Cans Away from Self
 My Track Oakland Raceway V2     Our Club  HMBRC     

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Hello David. I now own your old track. You did a nice job. Here it is today:- http://www.vintage-s...ale_Raceway.htm


Regards, Chris

Edited by MelbourneModelRacewayRacer

Chris Meaden, member and webmaster of Melbourne Model Raceway racing group http://www.tryslotcars.com/mmr.htm

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