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Scorpius Wireless Analogue Module

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Hey Guys, I am lucky enough to live close to Rick so this evening Ontheflipside and myself headed up to Rick's to test the wireless controller. The responsiveness is phenomenal. It took myself and Mel a while to get used to it but after a few minutes we felt at home. The tension on the spring seems about half that of a Slot.it controller and made driving Ricks track easy. The throttle curve is adjusted in seconds and seemed to smooth out a couple of Mel's cars!

But, even if these features were not there, the wireless controller is just plain AWESOME! The first few deslots, we both put the hand controller down to retrieve our cars but soon realised this was not necessary. Cannot wait for it to be available for sale. Thanks Rick for showing us Scorpius as well as the analog capability of the system Will become a must have item once released.

Congratulations on all your hard work. Seems another great invention made by an Aussie. Well done!





What John said - it's cid_9EB3B19568D1433C9CB93147B6DF07D.gif


I couldn't get used to not having to put the controller down to go and pick up a deslotted car. After about an hour I woke up!



Loved the ability to adjust the controller - lot easier than the Slot-its and a lot lighter



John was so excited I'm not sure if he knew what he was hanging onto.



We run in both Digital and Analogue modes -> Fantastic3.png


Rick has achieved the impossible - well done mate.

I can't believe that I wanted to grow up


Mount Salt Panorama Track Combined Road and Rally Track built near Salt Pan Creek Padstow - Sydney


A quick build rally track


2017 WRP Round 11 at Mt Salt Panorama



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This concept is looking and sounding like I should wait till your system is on the market, before I purchase the new Scaley version. I love the cordless idea.


I'll be watching this space closely.



Resized to 83% (was 1006 x 146) - Click image to enlarge

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I'll be buying these straps and trying to fit them some way, would really spoil the fun watching one of these controllers hitting the concert floor.

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I like how you can dial in an exact setting on the LCD thats suits you. With Slot it SCP-1's, is was "I think the knob was there" kinda thing.

Hoo Roo

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I was in the lucky position to be over at Rick's last weekend and spent a few very pleasant hours squeezing out lap after lap on Ricks fantastic track ,,driving some very nicely turned out NSR cars.


I must say the controllers are well sorted and the wireless is how it should be ,,felt totally natural . didn't fiddle with the powerband as the the controller was set just the way I like it. the brake adjustment is well incremented .


We raced in both digital and analogue seamlessly,,all I can say is I'm in the market for one of these for sure .The trigger is smooth as silk and effortless to use ,


Looking forward to these being available ,


Thanks for the day Rick,

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Maybe a wrist strap like the Wii controllers have would be a good idea. Stop it getting put down and a handy Slot Car Fashion accessory.

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Apologies, I somehow missed these questions, but better late than never.



Hey Rick what voltage range can the drivers station module operate at?


if someone runs the track power at 10 volts or 18 volts (for 1/24 carerra cars) will the module cope?


Its warranted for 8-16VDC but can handle 18V DC. Its just that the parts are rated to 16V but Ive had it up to 24V (I didnt tell you that :) )


Thanks Pete I was about to ask the same question plus another one. Rick can the USB Dongle be used on numerous controllers or as each one coded for one controller.In other words if I bought 4 controllers do I need another 4 Dongles ? Thanks Syd


One dongle.


$199 for controller

$99 for driver station module

$99 for dongle (optional)

25% discount for Auslot members.

Forgot to mention handles 10A which is pretty substantial.


Is that discount available for NZ based Auslot members? Are we able to pre order?


Kiwis get nothin'......just kiddin, Auslot members in Oz and NZ is ok by me :minigun:





The best form of satisfaction is success.





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OK all of the above have sent me tiny mind into orbit. Just on the subject of digital in car chips was i looking for. Will the humble scalextric in car chip run on the scorpious circuit or Nah? Will cross the controller bridge with SYD when we meet. I will get there trackside B4 xmas .WASCRG.

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Scorpius chips for Scorpius digital or Scorpius dongle if you want to run analogue... Well that's my understanding anyway.


BTW - I don't think we (WASCRG) will be running too many nights before Christmas... next one is on Sat 3rd Dec and that will start at 8:30 for non members as we will be having a quick dinner / presentation for regulars earlier in the night. After that, I'm not sure how many more we'll do for 2011... probably play it by ear as there is a lot on everyone's social calendar this time of year. We'll keep you posted - don't beat yourself up if you can't make it before Christmas :) .



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