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https://www.dropshots.com/chenglaw/date/2017-10-16/16:22:52 Well, time really passes fast - 4 years ago. 2013, I was in Perth, having some slot racing fun with the guys of WASCRG. And now in 2017, I was back enjoying the hospitality of those same friendly racers who did their best to make me feel at home. Thanks to Syd and his bunch of merry men and gal, I had a great time racing on, not one, but 2 tracks this time. Also thanks to Peter, Mickey and Andrew for getting me to and from the tracks. Driving the cars very kindly loaned to me by Syd and my own ones quickly showed up the differences between the two types. Syd's cars, which were set up for their wood tracks were smooth and easy to drive with the right amount of grip. Whilst my own cars which were set up for racing on our plastic Scaley Sport track at home, proved to be a bit of a handful, slipping and sliding round the turns. And my insipid driving did not help either. But, no matter, I had a ball of a time renewing acquaintances and enjoying the camaraderie bantering that went on during and after the racing.










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I enjoy racing. Winning or losing is secondary.

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