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1/32 - 1965 Plymouth Fury By Imc

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Jairus put together the chassis for me for this Fury by IMC - here's his words on building the chassis and the finished painted car by me (bosmeck).


1965 Plymouth Fury by IMC. The body was issued for scratch-builders in a little blister card with bumpers, interior plate, glass, driver head, roll bar and decals.



I started the chassis yesterday. Should be done today, but this is as far as I got as of yesterday.



Still have to install outriggers, which are not really necessary but add needed weight and strength to the chassis. Plus the brass rods look way cool! :)

Also need to finish the body mounts. Rear will be a slot and the front a screw. This allows loosening the screw to allow the rear mount to move up and down slightly for handling. At least that is the plan.


The motor bracket has a tail that tucks under the axle tube for a tight strong joint.



Here is the mockup and stance for this Street driven Hot Rod. Maybe I can get Bosmeck to paint flames on this one?




Time to fire that iron back up! :huh:


Done and final assembly proves all axles rotate smoothly.



Inserts are by BWA and the wheels are by MAXI models. I love the look of the MAXI models wheels but the quality seems not very consistent. I am going with Racer or BWA wheels from now on.



I can see from this view that the front wheels don't quite touch. Seems the forward body mount interrupts the free movement of the drop arm. Still need to mess with that but all in all this puppy is ready for Bosmeck's magic paint!



View under the skirts....





The finished car



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Very nice job

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Beautiful!!!! Its a weork of art. Should have left the chassis unpainted, that is beautiful solder work. Craftsman at work!!

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Looks beautiful in basic black. So glad you didn't give in to the call for flames or the like. Pure class all the way.

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What a beautiful thing, and this chassis really, to take your hat, amazing.


And I have wanted to see it finished.

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