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Wdmcrg Round One 2005

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Round one of 2005 saw a new attendance recode with sixteen starters and a 48 car field.We ran the Ninco pro shock porsche cup, Tram Am pre 72, and the Open sports post 72.The Ninco porsches ran a four min heats with Jamie taking the win with 122.60 laps and a new lap record of 7.50, Joe came 2nd with 121.85 laps and a lap of 7.51, 3rd Vince with 121.50 laps and a 7.58 lap time, 4th was Dave with 120.80 laps with a 7.55 lap time, 5th Bo with 118.30 laps with 7.68 fastest lap,

6th was Graeme on 117.65 and a lap time of 7.57.This was very close racing with all the cars stock with a NC1 motor and no weight.




Next we ran the Trans Am Pre 72 for 2 min heats with Jamie again taking the win with a 60.20 laps and a new lap record of 7.64, 2nd was Graeme with 59.55 laps,

3rd Joe with 58.85 laps, again very close racing and great fun had by all.




The last event and fastest, Open sports post 72 with any thing goes with motors like NC5,NC6, Slot it boxers etc.With the long colyton staight and fast corners these cars looked great runing around the track with 4 min heats , Joe took his first win of 2005 with 102.75 laps and a new lap record of 6.76 2nd Vince with 101.50 laps, 3rd Jamie with 99.80, and 4th Bo with 99.60 laps at 6.78 lap time.

Thanks to all for tuning up and making it great start to 2005 WDMCRG Race meeting.










Regards Bo :lol:

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