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Space For The Routed Track

neophytte's Photo neophytte 18 Feb 2010

So finally we have moved the rabbits out of their pen, and I have the thumbs up to build a track down the side of the garage; the space is 5.1m x 1.2m at one end, and 1.6m at the other - the latter end also has a 600mm gate there (on the side closest to the garage). I'd be keen to see anyones ideas for a design to fit in that space.



dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 18 Feb 2010

Hi Richard, you making a track for 1/32 scale cars :lol:

Suzuka and Paramount Raceway could be made to fit in that space. That is about the shape of my space (my track is in the Qld section) - there have been some threads on the forum about the suzuka track I can send you some plans I have collected if you want.

If I was starting again I would make something more like this track - that is on a 1.2m x 4.8m table. The reason I would make this is my current track is essentially a look with a cross-over my fastest cars are runnng 4.5 sec laps - I would prefer a longer lap time (maybe double that) and the visual appeal of the cars travelling up and back twice. Does that make sense.
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track build here


FLY in the wall's Photo FLY in the wall 19 Feb 2010

I am not sure where I saw it but one idea I liked is a raised back straight with pit garages underneath. Not as easy to build as a flat track but good for use of space.

neophytte's Photo neophytte 20 Feb 2010

Sorry, should have clarified - that space is the available space for track, standing room, workbench, etc ...

@DM: at first glance I wasn't so impressed with that track, but when I read the other forum, wow!!

@FLY: that sounds like a good idea!

So looking for something that will fit in that space still - I have an idea based on another track on this forum, but I can't find it now .... :(