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3 Lane Digital Help

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Hi guys and gals, I'm hoping someone out there can help me with my problem.


I have decided on a 3 lane routed digital scorpius track, I race with some fellas in Perth (HI GUYS ) and that track is a 4 lane Ninco

digital which is awesome (Copper Mill Raceway) but i'm limited on width so have decided to go for 3 lanes.


I havent run this past the fellas yet as I missed the last meet, so i thought i'd post here while i have the time.


My problem is deciding on how to configure the lane changing into corners, keeping in mind that scorpius i think allows for best line

racing or whatever the term is i cant remember.


here is a picture of some examples.




the small circles before the lane change represent the anti collision beacons. the outside lane beacon i realised after saving isnt required so disregard and

please excuse the crudeness of the drawing.


the left diagram shows a simple way to change lanes but to me doesnt allow the ultimate line through the apex, from outside to apex back to outside.


The center diagram shows a better solution but alot more routing and braiding


The right diagram shows how i would really like it, but the exit of the apex would require a 3 position flipper which im not sure is possible.

Looking at the way ive drawn that last diagram, ive just realised that maybe i could stagger the exit points to the middle and outside lane.

When i first drew it wth a compass all the arcs came out from the same point of the apex, not sure if im making sense there.


The other issue with all 3 methods is that if 2 cars are approaching , one in the middle lane and one on the outside lane then the middle lane car will force the outside lane car to not take the better line but the middle lane car will be able to take the inside line, not sure if that makes sense either.


Anyway ill finish now as im getting confused , maybe 2 lanes is the go for best lane racing or maybe just accept the issues with 3 lanes and it will all be fun anyway.


I may have completely missed something altogether which i hope can be pointed out, i have a tendancy to miss the obvious


Cheers Neil

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As we predominantly race in a pack in slot car racing, have you considered the idea of more of an over an under kind of racing line with a conservative racing line of a car that would typically defend a line into a corner.


For example, the lead car would take more of a conservative semi defensive line into a corner and then exit wide, so you could have this car come down lane two (middle lane) as though they are semi blocking, turn in as normal across the apex and exit nice and wide to lane three for a good run down the straight.


The car behind would try to do an over and under. This car could stay wide in the outside line and turn later into the corner and exit into lane two or lane one (which ever sets it up better for the next corner (giving them an advantage for the next turn.


Othersise, I would be happy to race on your track regardless of which of those corners you have in it!!!! They look like they would all work much the muchness. What about just one line of best fit. Say from lane three across to lane 1 at the apex and then back to lane 3. The only problem is, you dont want to make the inside lane totally redundant. So......in saying all this how about this. Do an exagerated over an under. Lane three has the option for a late turn in and exit into lane 1, lane 2 just stays where it is (no option to change as it is a pretty good slot lane anyway!!) and lane 1 turns in early for a wide exit across to lane three. Give lane two options to change lane before and after the corner. Essentially you lose a line of best fit but the racing would be pretty interesting!!





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As above the consevative line is a great idea and maybe the other two lanes that miss the apex of the corner you could make them go deep into the corner to actually inrease the time needed to get aorund the corner or make them so you have to slow down to get around on those lanes .Maybe use a different track surface on those non race line lanes making it like getting of line into the marbles.

Either way sounds like another great track is under construction





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Dave thx for reply, is this what u mean in the middle diagram.




I like the idea of the late entry outside lane, its like real racing i guess.


Actually you could probably incorparate the late turn in to the first diagram as well, so if the center lane car forces the outside car to the outside lane, then he then has the option to take the late turn in or go right around or just get rid of the outer lane after the late turn in.

Only thing is Lane brains cost 50 bucks and my latest design needs 29 already so im trying to minimize rather than add more :)


Hi Glen, I like the idea of marbles, it would be great fun to force your opponent outside knowing hes gonna be stuggling around the corner, maybe a squirt of oil on the track in certain areas before racing that noone knows about, would be funnier :)


So its back to my A3 graph paper for some tweaks



thx again guys

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why do you need to have three lanes?, not a lot of 1:1 tracks alow three lanes wide as you enter a corner.


Also, from experience the third lane will never get used so is a waste being there.


good luck with the Project, at least your on the right track choosing scorpius.

Paul NZ - Scale with Detail!


Narangba Club Local


Gold Coast Raceway 09

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