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Final Podded Round

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Aastes has that info, stand by


my race info goes like this...


blue's bmw looked awesome as its rear wheel overtook it coming into the only off camber corner on the track. pitlane3's car had some wing issues followed by the crown trying to make a leap for freedom. dave scrivens car wanted more grip, whilst oswalds car happily did what it must to win, only espxix's car made a guest appearance which for me at least pointed out why so many questions have been asked. without being a total w@nker, that f40 won by 14 laps, and if it had a clean run would have won by more. from my take on the field if we ran both classes together p1 would have been brett's f40, p2 for me, and p3 through ten would be between about 20 other cars.


i don't have the results, i can say about 10 cars were within a lap or two of second. the cars were driven hard, and there were no carnage crashes. i had an issue with the red bull mclaren which almost put it on the concrete floor, luck chose that car to live; it is a fast thing and i was trying to get the most out of it, my way of driving wanted it to have a heavier nose, and understeer in a slot car is bad...

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1 Espsix 162.752*

2 Oswald 149.417

3 Fangio 148.935

4 Aastes 148.439*

5 Davnic74 148.241

6 Terry No 148.140

7 Samllnai 147.166

8 Sprint 146.660

9 FCC 146.137

10 Mr Magoo 145.697

11 Phil K 145.228

12 Beejay 144.925

13 SportsRa 140.470

14 Boss 302 139.789

15 Blue95 138.486

16 Dave K 137.946

17 John Bai 134.099

18 Pitlane3 127.792


* not included in final results



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